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By Harriet Farkash

Why did you sign up to eHarmony?

I have recently divorced, and now I’m looking to find someone again. I’ve used eHarmony in the past and really liked it, and given everything I do is online, it seems normal to date online, too.

What do you like about the site?

It’s so easy. Being a workaholic, I don’t have time to go out and meet someone. eHarmony makes the search easier because it weeds out people who aren’t matched to my personality.

How did you tackle writing your profile? Do you have any tips?

I wrote as much as I could and then I had a few of my best friends review it, just to see if they thought there was anything I should omit or that I was forgetting. Getting your friends to have a crack is a good idea – they know you pretty well.

How much detail do you think you should include?

A lot. I kept adding stuff for ages. If you’re not honest and upfront first, then you’re not going to find the right person. When I first signed up, I was receiving about 15 or 16 matches a day, but now I’ve added more details and only get maybe one or two. I find the more accurate you are, the more chance there is you’ll be matched with someone suitable.

How did you choose what pictures to put up?

I put up as many photos as I could, because I know when I look at women’s profiles, it’s hard to get an idea of what they look like if they’ve only got one or two photos that are just headshots. I try to include different types of shots that show different sides of me, too; so active shots, pics of my dog, and me speed-skating or doing any of my hobbies. The more photos the better.

What kind of profile attracts you?

Someone with a similar personality, but with a lot more free time! Everyone’s got their own individual things that they like to do and I’m not looking for someone who does the same things as me – I think it’s good when someone has different hobbies.

Are there any specific words women use to describe themselves that you like?

No, but I like when a girl uses correct grammar!

What kind of pictures attract you?

I like it when women mix it up a bit and show a variety of pictures. A girl’s style can say a lot about her personality, so I think it’s a good idea to be wearing your favourite outfits in your profile pictures.

Have you gone on any dates? What have they been like?

Yes, and the majority of the dates have been quite successful – the conversation has flowed freely and it’s been really easy.

What do you think is a good first date venue?

I try to pick somewhere classy but not over the top, like a local hotel or restaurant. However my favourite way to meet someone for the first time is at the beach, while we take my dogs for a walk. It’s relaxed, you’ve got the scenery, and complete privacy, too.

How do you impress a woman on a first date?

I’ve never really thought about it! I suppose I don’t aim to impress her, I aim to be myself. If you try to impress someone, you’re usually not being yourself.

What are you looking for from a first date?

I don’t usually focus on myself, I focus on getting to know the person I’m talking to. I’m looking for genuine conversation, lots of smiles and that they’re interested in what I’m saying.

How do you know if a date is going well?

I can usually tell in the first 10 or 15 minutes if I think there’s the potential for something. If, by the end of the date, I know I’m not interested, I’ll tell her I’m not feeling the connection so I don’t lead her on.

Do you think a man should make the first move?

No! A lot of the rules say guys should make the first move, and you have to wait 24 hours before communicating, but I think all of that is a load of bull. I wouldn’t be offended if a woman was forward – you’re not going to get anywhere if you don’t have a crack.

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