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By Harriet Farkash

What made you join eHarmony?

I never thought I would, to be honest! When I saw the ads, I thought, I can’t do that – that’s not me, especially because I’ve never had a problem getting dates, but then I thought, bugger it, I’m going to because everyone else is and it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve made in the last seven months.

How so?

I’m a single mum and I have to spend my time wisely, so eHarmony is awesome because I can really look at what I want and then talk to someone who I am compatible with and go from there. Aside from that, the site has given me so much confidence, which I didn’t expect. That’s actually probably been the best part of the last few months – finding my confidence again.

Have you met any men?

I’ve met a couple of really nice men. Some haven’t worked out, but overall, people on this website really want to find someone. That’s good – you know they’re in it for the right reasons.

How do they respond to you being a mum?

I find I don’t match with men who aren’t interested in kids, so most men respond really well.

What was your game plan when it came to creating your profile?

I wanted to show lots of sides to me – that I’m a mum, that I’m attractive, that I’m sporty and that I’m fun. I also didn’t want to come across as stuck up, because I’m really friendly.

How did you choose what pictures to put up?

I picked some nice shots of me, and then a couple of quirky ones to make it light-hearted, so it’s not so serious. I’ve also got one of each of my kids too. I think it’s important to show that and if a guy starts talking to me, I know he accepts my kids.

What do you look for in a profile?

I like the ones that are light-hearted, respectful and have a jovial tone – you’ve got to have a bit of fun with your profile!

What kind of pictures attract you?

I think it’s cute when guys aren’t looking at the camera – like they’re caught in the moment. I also like it when guys put close-up photos, too.

What’s your fail-safe first date outfit?

Jeans, a jacket and boots with a small heel. It’s my favourite outfit because it shows my personality and gives me confidence. I don’t wear much makeup, just a bit of something to even out my skin tone and some mascara.

Where do you think is a good first date place?

Pub lunch on the weekend because it’s nice and casual. It’s important to go somewhere you can chat, so not the movies. I also think a coffee shop can be quite intense as everyone stares at each other.

How do you calm first date nerves?

I don’t get nerves on first dates, but for friends, I always say don’t have a wine or beer before – it’ll make you worse! Try not to think about it, and focus instead on being yourself. If you think about it too much, there’s too much pressure and you’ll ruin it. Just enjoy yourself.

What do you do if you’ve had a good date, but he doesn’t call?

Move onto the next guy. You can’t take it personally, so I try and think to myself; it’s ok, I just wasn’t their type. Dating is meant to be fun. I’m willing to take a chance on a guy – you never know what’s going to happen.

I think about what I want in another human being for me, my kids and the future… that could be anything, but I think I will know when I meet them, like a sixth sense.


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