Actor on stage

15 reasons to date an actor

by Eharmony Editorial Team - January 13, 2015

There’s no need to be dubious about dating an actor. After all, Shakespeare wrote that we’re all actors in life’s great play – and he would know, wouldn’t he? Actors can be fun, spontaneous and in touch with their emotions. But that’s not all – read on to find out just what makes dating an actor that bit more interesting.

1. Actors are good looking. Or at least they know know their best angles for the camera.

2. They’re relatively rare. According to UK performers’ union, Equity, there are only around 19,000 people who list acting as their main occupation. Compare this with the approximately 57,000 people who work in telesales.

3. You’ll be famous. Dating an actor inevitably results in tabloid interest and a detailed analysis of what you wore to take the bins out.

4. They’re thick-skinned. Actors are used to being turned down, so disappointment doesn’t faze them. As Woody Allen famously wrote: ‘Showbusiness is not so much dog eats dog, as dog doesn’t return other dog’s phone calls.’

5. Actors have lots of free time. Around 92% of the profession are out of work at any given moment. The upside of this is that they have plenty of energy to devote to you and the relationship.

6. They’re charming. Actors are particularly good at selling themselves –they know just what to say and when to say it. Don’t be suspicious about this – just enjoy it. Would you rather date someone who didn’t know what to say, and would say it badly even if they did?

7. Spontaneity is in their blood. A night out with an actor can result in all manner of craziness.

8. You’ll meet new people. Actors have a mind boggling number of acquaintances so you’ll soon find yourself with a greatly expanded friendship circle.

9. Compliments come easy to them. Actors know they value of reassurance, and they’ll be quick to praise you when you do something well – whether that’s dressing for a date or meeting the parents for the first time.

10. You’ll get free entertainment. Expect complimentary tickets to whatever pantomime, play or film your partner is appearing in. Don’t expect to enjoy it, but do expect to act like you did.

11. Actors look after themselves. Staying fit, healthy and well-groomed is an unspoken part of the job.

12. They know the best places for late-night fun. Actors spend a lot of time socialising, and will know exactly where to go on any given evening.

13. Actors are ready for anything. Being flexible comes with the territory – whether it’s last-minute auditions or a surprise part. In day-to-day life this means you can be late for dates, or change plans altogether without fear of a backlash.

14. You’ll visit new places. An actor’s job can take them anywhere in the world. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to go along for the ride!

15. Actors are good communicators. Well it is what they do for a living, right?

Would you consider dating an actor? Or maybe you already are – have we missed anything? Tell us in the comments below!