Reasons to date a recruiter

15 reasons to date a recruiter

by Eharmony Editorial Team - March 18, 2014

A recruiter is always expected to find the right candidate for the job. But how do they fare when the tables are turned? Here’s what to expect from those that make your shortlist

1. Recruiters spend their days evaluating job seekers’ personalities

There’s no reason to think they won’t do the same with you. Expect to be formally told whether you’ll be invited to the second round of dinner dates.

2. They know how to have a good time

Can you imagine going to work and then spending the day thinking about other people going to work? It’s not surprising that recruiters like to party.

3. Conversations are easy with a recruiter

Their job requires them to form bonds with people, regardless of how shy and retiring they might be.

4. Recruiters always wear rose-tinted glasses when meeting people

This means that they’ll instinctively identify all of your best qualities. If you’re lucky, they’ll jot them down as bullet points for you to take home.

5. Metaphorical fashion accessories aside, recruiters look good

They’re well-groomed and know how to wear a suit. The corollary of this is that you’ll be expected to dress to impress.

6. Recruiters love communication in all its forms

As well as phone calls, expect contact via LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. You‘ll also be invited to meetups, tweetups, conferences and webinars. This will all happen within hours of your first meeting.

7. Expect compliments aplenty

Recruiters excel at telling (candi)dates what they think they want to hear.

8. You’ll be listened to

Finding out about people is part of the recruiter’s job spec. They’ll know all the best ways to keep you talking – though they might struggle to talk about themselves.

9. It’s easy to meet their parents

Your reputation will have preceded you when the time comes to meet a recruiter’s parents. Just be sure to find out beforehand what reputation they’ve manufactured for you.

10. You’ll never be out of work

Even if you want to be. Recruiters can’t abide those without jobs. Fail to seek gainful employment and they’ll have you cleaning toilets for minimum wage.

11. Confidence is essential in the recruitment game

Spend an hour or two with a recruiter and some of their self-assuredness is sure to rub off on you.

12. Recruiters know how to do more than one thing at once

In fact, they’re the kings and queens of multitasking.

13. It’s easy to introduce them to your friends

Recruiters are approachable and nice. If they’re not, then they’re probably in the wrong job.

14. They’re specialists in playing the middle man (or woman)

You’ll never have to worry about rude waiters or surly bouncers with a recruiter around.

15. It’s easy to agree with recruiters

Surprisingly easy. This isn’t because they necessarily have the best ideas – they’re just good at selling them.