15 Reasons to Date a Teacher

by Eharmony Editorial Team - April 10, 2014

Remember that teacher you secretly had a crush on all the way through college or uni? Guess what – now you’re allowed to actually date them (but maybe not the same one… that would be a bit strange) And if you need any other reason to date a teacher, we’ve prepared fifteen more:

They rely on their ability to make a quick connection

Whether it’s with parents, other teachers or students, they’re usually great at talking to new people. So you can forget first-date awkwardness.

Teachers are creative

They spend all of their time thinking of new and innovative ways to make things like algebra exciting – enough said

They’re great conversationalists

By the time it gets to home (or date) time, they’ll simply be happy for some adult conversation.

They’re parent-pros

If things go really well, taking your teacher boyfriend or girlfriend home to meet the parents will be a much less nerve wrecking experience than normal – they’re pros in the parent charming department.

Teachers have to be patient

A great quality to have when it comes to future car journeys, complicated recipes or sock sorting.

They have the entire summer off

(Although this is also a reason to be jealous of them).

It’s a future-proof relationship

You already know they’re great with kids.

Teachers spend a lot of their time giving

Whether it’s knowledge, patience or time. And as all relationships require a little give and take, it’s certainly a promising start.

Teachers know a lot about a lot

So if you like dating someone who can, well, teach you something, you’ve made a great choice

You can be sure that they’re not motivated by money

It’s the kind of profession people pick because they love it.

Teachers are made of strong stuff

So it’s pretty hard to shock them – forget your crazy family or quirky housemate, they’ve probably seen it all.

Teachers are intelligent

They’re used to answering probing and imaginative questions all day, every day. So they’ll be great when it comes to after-dinner debates.

You might get to see the inside of a staff room

Be honest, we’ve all wondered what really goes on in there

They’re compassionate

Whether it’s helping a child who fell over in the playground or understanding why a pupil hasn’t managed to hand their homework in for the 3rd week running, teachers need to be caring, understanding and sympathetic when possible. All are useful skills to keep a relationship strong and healthy.

Finally, they’re someone’s hero

It’s quite heartwarming to know the person you’re dating not only has a starring role in countless childhoods, but they’re probably loved and adored by more than just you.