8 places NOT to go on a first date

by Eharmony Editorial Team - March 24, 2014

First dates are stressful enough without being faced with a weird venue or unfathomable activity. While we’re all for originality, there are some ideas that are patently bad.  Here are some of the very worst.

1. Wedding

Inviting your date to a formal occasion composed of cliquey friends and their elderly relatives is cruel, to put it mildly. Not only will they have to make small talk with you, they’ll spend the day repeating themselves to a million other people. Worst of all, all they get in return is a slice of cake.

2. Extreme sports try-out

The adrenaline is pumping, life is being lived, and spirits are soaring. Extreme sports are great. So why not try one for a date? Well, for one thing, they terrify the vast majority of the population. Leaping out of a helicopter with skis and a jetpack looks awesome on TV. When it comes to actually doing it though, most people would rather be sitting by a warm fire being brought plates of food.

3. Kooksville

Urbanites are fond of being different. Unfortunately, what might seem deliciously inventive in your head is unlikely to work out in the field. ‘Pah to romantic walks by the river!’ you might exclaim. ‘I’m taking you to perambulate the wide expanses of my favourite industrial estate’. Most normal people understand that this isn’t a winning proposition.

4. Work

You might think your job is amazing. You might even be right. That doesn’t mean that it’s OK to take your date to your place of toil. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the Tower of London or a fun-filled Google office, the take-home message for your date will be that you’re obsessed with work.

5. Clubbing

Drinking, dancing, debauchery… a club date sounds great. Or does it? Conversation is pretty much impossible, which usually leads to increased alcohol consumption. As we all know, drunkenness isn’t attractive – especially when it leads to a misplaced confidence in dancing ability.

6. Anywhere sex-related

It didn’t work for Robert De Niro in Taxi Driver and it won’t work for you.  If you want the most awkward date possible, then by all means take your date to watch an erotic movie. But why stop there? Book a stripper to turn up halfway through the film. Complete the perfect evening with a visit to your local S&M dungeon.

7. Museum

Do you have a working knowledge of natural history? No? Then stay away from the museum. For normal people, the museum is a place to learn something. On a first date it becomes a headache-inducing forum for conversation about shards of pottery and bits of femur.

8. Exercise class

Modern fitness regimes always seem to require tight-fitting clothes. If you want to spend the first moments of your date evaluating each other’s lumps and bumps, then an exercise class is the way forwards. If you’d rather keep something back for later engagements, then a different activity might be in order.

Have you been taken on any cringe-worthy dates? Tell us about them below!