10 signs you secretly love someone


You might not have said “I love you” yet, but these signs point to you being in this … deep.

You text them for no reason

When you hear a song that reminds you of them, you message to let them know without wondering whether you’re breaking any ‘rules’.

You can’t get enough of their smell

Yes, even though they’ve just stepped through the door after a run, you just want to cuddle them on the couch and inhale their scent. Blame the pheromones!

You consider going camping

Even though you’re more of a ‘Shangri La with room service’ type, you’re willing to forgo Egyptian cotton for a romantic night under the stars.

Suddenly, you know everything about sailing*

And you’re throwing around phrases like, “Did you use the spinnaker?” like you say it every day. *Or whatever hobby floats their boat, so to speak.

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You feel safe with them

Safe and comfortable, like you could forget to shower one day and they wouldn’t run.

You actually consider sending joint Christmas cards

The very idea of this previously made you want to be sick, now you think it’s cute.

You find new meaning in old music

How is it possible that every love song is about you two?!

You do their washing …

… willingly.

You don’t mind going to work with a hangover

Because the night before is so worth it (and nothing a strong flat white and bacon and egg roll can’t fix, anyway.)

They’re the first person you think of to call when you’ve got a problem …

…And the last person you think of at night.

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