5 things dating online taught me


It’s best to be honest. Like, really honest

The thought of telling anyone I really want to get married and have kids made me cringe so hard with embarrassment (they’ll think I’m a bunny boiler!) that I omitted it in my eHarmony profile. However, I learnt that writing what you truly desire in life leads to more accurate matches by weeding out those who aren’t on your page about #relationshipgoals.

No matter how much you click online, sometimes the spark just isn’t there offline

When I matched with a cute guy, who lived near me and appreciated a good bowl of pasta as much as I do, I thought the search for my dream man was over. A month after exchanging some of the wittiest emails ever, we met for our first date and it was a disaster. There was no ‘spark’, we didn’t click and the awkwardness was palpable. I went on a few more dates because I refused to believe something so good on paper was so horrible in real life, but still there was nothing. I was devastated, but learnt a valuable lesson: you can have all the chemistry you want online, but if it isn’t there offline, move on, quickly.

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Just because they don’t know who your favourite author, band or comedian is, doesn’t mean they’re not right for you!

You know what gets boring real quickly? Doing the same thing over and over again. Someone who can introduce you to new things makes life exciting.

If you want to be in a relationship, you’ve got to make room for it

When I first joined eHarmony, I found it all too much – receiving emails in the morning and feeling like I had to respond to matches left me with a headache. That’s when I realised, if I didn’t have time in my life to online date, there’s no way I had time to commit to a relationship. So I took six months off and came back to it when I was ready.

Don’t judge their profile too harshly

I love grammar the way most people love a fine red wine. So when I started texting a guy who didn’t know your from you’re, I saw red flags. But there was something about him that made me overlook this and I’m so glad I did… we’re now engaged. At the end of the day, you want someone who is kind, thoughtful and loves you unconditionally. Being able to spell unconditionally is just a bonus.

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