How 7 eharmony couples keep romance alive


We know our success couples are the experts when it comes to romance, so to celebrate Romance Awareness Month we asked for their best advice for keeping the romance alive in a relationship.

“Don’t let things get too routine. Inject something different in. Make sure you say yes to new experiences.”- Anna-Lee & Jason


“Remember to live in the moment… don’t keep living for the next ‘big’ thing (e.g. get engaged, get married, by a house, have a baby). Just live day-to-day and just enjoy each other’s company.”- Jess & Chris


“Try to remember what first attracted you to your partner and keep doing those things. Try to keep going on dates even when you start living together and keep the romance going by not falling into a rut as hard as it may seem.” Gemma & Jimmy


“DON’T STOP! Never stop trying. Never stop telling the other what they mean to you (even though they may infuriate you mostly). Marriages and relationships aren’t supposed to be easy, if they were the good ones wouldn’t be worth it.”Cass & Matt


“Talk to each other every day.  Be open and honest, hide nothing, the feeling of that freedom is wonderful.  Never ever take each other for granted.  The random acts of kindness and surprises will always keep the spark alive.”Deb & Eric


“Communication is key to a romantic successful relationship. Talk honestly and openly.”- Elissa & Regn


“Never take your relationship for granted, it is something you should work on and nourish on a daily basis.”- Dirk & Anne

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