7 things to do in between dates


Online dating blogger Miss Wooable shares her favourite activities for when things go quiet on the dating front.

Don’t you love the excitement of online dating? There are so many possibilities. But, what happens when things go a little a quiet? When there are no dates on the horizon? Dating ‘downtime’ doesn’t mean you need to be down, it’s a chance to ‘date yourself‘ and do something for YOU.

Here are my top 7 things to do in between dates:

1. Plan your own date

I have to admit; I like to fantasise. I walk past restaurants and start daydreaming about being wined and dined by Chris Hemsworth. If you’re like me, why not instead of waiting for Thor to come along, invite a friend to dinner. It’s bound to be a great night, with no awkward silences!

2. New photos

With a bit of time on your hands, take the opportunity to update your online photos. You could even splurge on a professional photographer. I’m not talking glossy backgrounds and feather bowers here, but natural shots, taken by someone who knows how to find your best angles.

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3. Digital clean up

I always do my best to respond to all online contact, but if I’m honest sometimes I don’t get around to it. Taking a couple of hours to go through your inbox and either reply or delete out-of-date communication is incredibly satisfying – not to mention good manners.

4. Connect with other online daters

Ironically, online dating can get a little lonely at times. We set out to meet people, but when we don’t it can be a bit… quiet. Finding other people who online date is a great way to share experiences. Whenever I mention I online date in a conversation, I find either, they too are dating or know someone who is. It’s always fun sharing stories, tips and insights.

5. Hit the town

When’s the last time you got all spruced up and had a night out? Whether it’s dinner, a jazz club or a nightclub, have a night out. Grab a couple of buddies and hit the D-floor, you never know who you might bump into.

6. Another set of eyes

Think your profile needs some work? Ask a trusted friend to have a look at your profile. What do they think about how you are presenting yourself? They may offer golden insight that could really add something to your profile.

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7. Re-visit your bucket list

We all have a list of things we want to do. Many of them we just never seem to find the time. Now’s the time! Learn a language, try horseback riding, whatever it is, get out there and enjoy! And – it will make for great conversation on your next date.

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