Kermitting to your partner: 7 ways to keep the flame burning


We were devastated to hear the news of Miss Piggy and Kermit’s split! Following an onslaught of recent celebrity breakups – Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale, Zane Malik and Perry Edwards, Bennifer 2.0 – you might be left wondering what hope do we have if these power couples can’t keep the fires burning?

But with these seven tips from eharmony’s Dating & Relationship expert Melanie Schilling, you’ll be sure to keep the sparks flying with that special someone for many years to come.

  1. Really listen to your partner

    It’s all too easy to settle into a relationship and forget the importance of communication. Taking an interest in your partner’s life outside of you as a couple and helping each other through life’s challenges is a core part of a great relationship. Make time to listen to your partner; ask them about their day over dinner and really listen to them. When you regularly share your experiences, thoughts, dreams and aspirations, you will uplift each other and ensure happiness as individuals and as a couple.

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  1. Keeping dating each other

    Many couples stop making the effort to date once their relationship becomes serious. You should never stop dating! Make having fun together a priority, or risk falling into a routine that revolves around work and social/family commitments. Remember the first dates you had together, the strong connection you felt and the hobbies and interests you first bonded over. Recreate that first spark by arranging regular date nights and activities together you both enjoy. They don’t have to be extravagant: a simple home cooked dinner together or walk around the local park can make all the difference.

  1. Stoke the fires of intimacy

    Intimacy isn’t just about sex, although it’s an important part of any relationship. Intimacy is about opening up emotionally and allowing yourself to be vulnerable with your partner. Share your deepest fears, your craziest dreams and ask them to do the same.

  1. LOL together

    Having a good laugh with each other at an inside joke is arguably one of the best things in life. Psychologists agree: laughter really is the best medicine, especially for a relationship. Laughing can establish or restore a sense of connection between a couple, particularly in times of stress. Humour can be used to diffuse an argument, and as a way to remind yourselves how enjoyable it is to be in each other’s company. Make an effort to share a laugh with your partner on a regular basis.

  1. Don’t sweat the small stuff

    Does your partner leave his/her dirty socks on the floor instead of in the laundry bin? Or maybe they’re always running late? While these habits can be frustrating, finding peace and happiness in couple hood means learning to let go of the small things and focus on the bigger picture. Is your partner honest, caring, loving, trustworthy and dependable? These are the qualities that really matter in the long run.

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  1. Don’t let the small stuff become big stuff

    Sometimes in long-term relationships, it’s easy for a number of little things to build up and turn into a much bigger issue. Left unaddressed, this can lead to cracks in the relationship and cause a rift between partners. Don’t let little things pile up. Address issues head on, as they happen, and always seek for a resolution – whether it’s compromising, agreeing to disagree, or conciliation – follow your Nan’s advice and never go to bed angry at each other!

  1. Fall in love over and over again

    Like a small child or garden, relationships need constant attention and tending to grow and thrive. Spend time fine-tuning your relationship and find ways to fall in love with your partner over and over again. Turn off the TV and cook a meal together; talk to each other; share your passions and dreams; have a common goal that you’re both working toward – whether it’s raising a family, owning a pet or travelling. Remember what made you fall in love with your partner in the first place, and remind yourself of that each and every day.

As with anything rewarding in life, relationships take some work and will suffer if neglected. Put these seven tips into practice to keep the passion burning and remember your partner is also your friend. Ask yourself, “would I treat my best friend like this?”

Relationships require constant attention, so stay connected and regularly check in with each other.

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