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Get ready for a serious case of the awww’s, because eharmony couple Rocco and Nadina’s love story is stuff fairytales are made of. 

There are lots of dating websites out there, what appealed to you about eharmony?

Nadina: I felt that this website was a lot more genuine compared to other sites. The fact that you have to pay to receive all of the benefits made me think that its members must really be looking for love (rather than a one off date).

Meet Compatible Matches

Rocco: T​hey have a great compatibility model set in place. Although their questionnaire is quite long and detailed, it does work well and the benefits can be tremendous – take me for example!

Did you ever cop flak for using the internet to find a date?

Nadina: I had a few raised eyebrows, and others totally agreed that this was an awesome way to meet someone quickly that matches your personal preferences! For those that were unsure, I explained about the process when joining, and how you are matched by eharmony rather than searching yourself. Once they realised how you were matched based on your questionnaire, they were very interested to hear more.

Rocco: C​onsidering more and more people are doing it, I never copped any negativity from my friends. Actually, they were all supportive.

What was it about Nadina’s profile that stood out to you, Rocco?

She had more than one photo, which was a great start. Another bonus was the fact that she lived near me – finding someone locally was always something I had dreamed of. The fact that Nadina wanted kids indicated to me that she was ready to settle down and have a family.

Nadina, what about Rocco’s profile stood out to you?

I certainly loved the fact that his morals matched mine. This was more important to me than anything else. This is the foundation I find important if there is any hope for longevity in a relationship. The fact that he has a great career also stood out! I also thought  he looked kind and honest in his photos.

Meet Compatible Matches

Did either of you come across some unappealing profiles? What made them so?

Nadina: The most unappealing profiles for me were incomplete ones. It made them seem like they were either hiding something, or couldn’t be bothered to provide detail. The more the better! Many I didn’t bother contacting if their profiles had minimal detail.

Rocco: I ​lost count with the amount of profiles I saw where people wrote – “over the bar scene”, “too busy to meet someone”, “I can’t believe I’m online dating”, “Looking for the one”, “tired of games”, “moonlit walks on the beach”, “I live life to the fullest”, “want to be swept off my feet”, “I work hard and play hard”, “I want the total package”. Seriously can’t people come up with something better than these unoriginal sentences?

Oh, and I was so over selfies!!

Rocco, did you have a game plan for contacting Nadina?

I didn’t really have a game plan. I thought I’d try my luck and hope for the best. It took her a while to get back to me. I just thought, “If it’s meant to be it will happen.” I let fate run its course.

Nadina, what was going on? Were you playing hard to get?!

The first time he contacted me, I had already decided to have a break for a while from eharmony, as I was not having any luck in finding anyone suitable. Plus it was a super busy time of year for me with work commitments. I wouldn’t have been able to go on any dates, so I couldn’t commit to spending time to get to know anyone, and didn’t want to come across as being dis­interested. Then when I finally decided to try again, I saw his attempt to contact me. So I sent a ‘Your profile brought a smile to my face’ back. He skipped the other stages of communication, and emailed me straight away. We emailed back and forth a few times, which was going great! Then I accidentally closed him as a contact!! I had to email eharmony and request to get him back. It was quite a process, but worth it!

Meet Compatible Matches

What was your early communication like? What were the clues something big was happening?

Nadina: Well small talk at first to ask more about what we did, but then our email messages got longer and longer, we ended up exchanging phone numbers. Our first conversation was 4 hours long!! That’s when I knew that this could be something special.

How was your first date?

Nadina: After our four hour phone conversation, we decided that our first date should change from coffee to dinner. Then when we met for the first time, it was truly love at first sight!

Rocco: Leading up to the night, I constantly had butterflies. I was so anxious that I had a loss of appetite. I was the first to arrive at our agreed venue. I waited there patiently until I saw a taxi pull up. I immediately recognised her leaving the cab and there she was. To this day, I can still recall what she was wearing. What I first noticed though was her beautiful smile and beautiful blue eyes. Her smile was like a hot knife through butter!

Before finding each other, had either of you been on any disaster dates?

Nadina: None of the other dates I went on were disasters; I just felt that they weren’t  the right one for me! Any wrong feeling I got, I ended it. I didn’t want to waste time on something if I wasn’t feeling it. I guess the fact that none were disasters is a reflection of the type of people eharmony attracts to use the site.

How did you know you found ‘The One’?

Nadina: When he took me to meet his parents the day after we first met! I also guess we knew when we could hardly bare to be away from each other.. Everything happened so quickly, like moving in with each other, and it felt so right! We got on so well, with no frustration or arguments. He is everything I want in a partner.

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Rocco: At the end of our first date, w​e had our first kiss, which felt magical. It was and still is a moment that I can clearly recall in detail. I would describe the kiss as the seal of fate, the beginning of something special.

What do you think is key to a great relationship?

Nadina: Being selfless and considerate towards your partner while being able to maintain a sense of self. If you share the same common life goals, it will prevent problems later in the relationship. Also being able to compromise, admit your wrong, and say sorry is also important. And of course, letting your partner know how you feel about them. Simple things can mean a lot!

Rocco: Most of us want to meet and settle down with the “right” person, and most of us want such a relationship to last. Aside from the main keys to a great relationship such as trust and communication, there are other aspects which are as equally important:

  • Tell your partner you love them express affection
  • Show appreciation
  • Share yourself
  • Be there for your partner
  • Give gifts
  • Respond gracefully to your partner’s demands and shortcomings
  • Make “alone time” a priority
  • Take nothing for granted
  • Strive for equality

What would your advice be to other eharmony users or people who might be thinking about joining the site?

Nadina: No matter what age, eharmony will open the doors and guide you towards the one for you. It will help you save time in this time-poor society. The fact that your matches are found for you, takes away the hard work and makes it easier to find someone compatible to you. It’s not a scary process. It was the best decision I ever made to persist with this site. It may not be immediate, but it helped me finally find the ‘one’! So if I can, many more certainly can.

Rocco: e​harmony is different to other dating sites. By completing the detailed relationship questionnaire, it gets to know you on a deeper level. I found that if you’re really comprehensive with your responses, the more you will get out of it. Give it a go and give it time! Don’t let friends or people discourage you from joining. Live through the success stories of couples! Internet dating is becoming more and more popular. It is the new age of dating and finding your soul mate. It may not happen overnight but if you invest enough time in it, the benefits can be rewarding.

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Meet Compatible Matches

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