Signs she’s a keeper


You’ve been seeing a girl for a while and things are going smoothly but you’re at that point where you have to commit, or at least change your Facebook status. But you’re not sure. Is she really a keeper?

Chemistry between two people is impossible to predict, but I’ve compiled a little checklist of good and bad traits for you to benchmark the significant other in your life which can help you decide if it’s worth letting her have some hanging space in your wardrobe.

Big tick 

  1. She loves your 15-year-old Rolling Stones tour T-shirt, understands that it has taken that long to acquire the faded, worn shabbiness that makes it your favourite item of clothing.
  1. She never mentions her old boyfriend who was a commando Olympic swimmer heart surgeon merchant banker, except to point out his many faults and how she is so lucky she found you.
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  1. She likes all your friends, even Davo who spent some time in the Big House for armed robbery. She trusts your ability to judge character, and believes that even though Mick and Steve have, in her opinion, an unhealthy relationship with fast cars, video games and fried food, you like them so she does too. Tied in with this is that you like all her friends, except for Miranda who you just know is white-anting you because she hates it that her friend is in a relationship and she isn’t.
  1. She checks the dates of the State of Origin series, the Bledisloe Cup, the NRL and AFL grand finals and makes sure not to arrange dinner with her parents on any of those occasions.
  1. She understands that sometimes you just don’t want to talk, and it doesn’t mean anything.

Warning bells

  1. She has no hobbies, other than you. Women who believe their happiness hinges on having a man in their lives are losers. Before you warm to the idea of stepping out together hand in hand, check her CV for a range of interests. Watching movies starring Colin Firth doesn’t count. Does she play sport? Have a wide circle of friends? Reads books, has a passion for theatre or loves going to concerts? Has travelled? In short, will you be required to keep her amused 24/7? If so, start running.
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  1. Self-help books. If she has them, be wary. The only self-help books that should be evident in any quantity at her place are travel guides. If she needs 10 books on how to find happiness, she ain’t going to find it with you.
  1. She asks you to do something, and then proceeds to tell you how to do it. This is infuriating. Men liked being asked to do things for their one true love, but that enthusiasm quickly dissipates the moment she assumes the role of project manager.
  1. Inability to pick the right moment for a chat. Girls, when your man is watching something on television, like a major sporting event or an Oliver Stone war movie, that is not a signal for you to discuss whether you should get throw pillows or not. He hasn’t been patiently sitting through four and a half days of an Ashes decider waiting for you to come and talk about bedroom decor just as the Aussies need one last wicket with only 10 overs left to bowl.
  1. She expects you to go shopping with her. Men hate shopping. Actually, that’s not true. We hate what women consider to be shopping, which is to wander aimlessly around stores full of stuff no one needs, like throw pillows, and then not buy anything. If your probationary soul mate wants to subject you to this on a regular basis, get out now.

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