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Your world has just been shattered and you’re falling into a deep gloom. The pain is invading your thoughts, your dreams and sapping all your energy. So how do you pick yourself back up?

Sadly, there’s no quick-fix solution when it comes to a mending a broken heart. But there are some active steps you can take to quell the pain. Here are four essential tips to help you kick-start the healing process.

Boost your endorphins
These are produced by our bodies as a natural painkiller and to generate a sense of well being. They’re far healthier than anything you can consume. Exercise is the secret to releasing a rush of endorphins. So work up a sweat by running, taking long walks in the countryside or playing tennis. One of the best ways to heal a broken heart is to get it pumping fast. Plus there’ll be less time to dwell on the cause of your pain.

Avoid reliving the past
Some people taunt themselves by lingering over emotional landmines like love letters. They keep returning to romantic spots or gaze longingly at photos of blissful times. But this only exacerbates the pain. Don’t be a glutton for punishment. While trying to get over the horror of a break up it’s best to avoid reminders of your former relationship.

Be optimistic
Amid a deep gloom it can be hard to see the world in anything but a negative light. But wallowing in your own misery is a dangerous game. The next time you find yourself thinking “I can’t go on without this person in my life,” make a conscious decision to rewrite your future and plan something positive to look forward to. Don’t give yourself false flattery. Instead be truthful. Admit that you’re grieving a loss which will take time to overcome but tell yourself you can get past it and experience happiness again.

Look for support from those who love you
While in the grip of a personal crisis, most of us just want to curl into a ball and be left alone. But resist this temptation to isolate, as you’ll only prolong the pain. Turn to those who care about you. Talking through your sorrows and having someone to bolster your self-esteem is a great remedy for healing break-up pain. Take wisdom from the old adage, ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’.

Finally, remember that a broken relationship doesn’t make you a failure. Almost everyone experiences heartache somewhere along the line. Thankfully, there are clear ways to relieve the pain and regain your lust for life.

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