Five reasons she doesn’t want to sleep with you


The following five reasons could be why she’s yet to let you claim your side of the bed. Once you have a little insight as to what she might be thinking, you’ll also understand where the relationship stands and whether it’s the long-term match that you’re looking for.

1) She’s still deciding how she feels about you
Her decision to hold off jumping between the sheets may be as simple as she’s still figuring out how she feels about you. The fairer sex equates physical intimacy with emotional connection, so she may still be deciding if you’re worthy of venturing into deeper emotional waters. Give her the benefit of the doubt and allow her more time to get to know the real you. Once she does, she may surprise you with an intimate invitation in the near future.

2) She’s not sure how you feel about her
Maybe she’s decided that she likes you, but hasn’t figured out how you feel about her. Before a woman decides to get too close, she wants to be reasonably sure about a man’s intentions. She might be unsure of your interest in her, or concerned about your ability to be monogamous. It’s up to you to be honest and upfront about what you’re prepared to offer, giving her the opportunity to decide her next move. If you’re not on the same page, be honest and move on to avoid hurt feelings down the track.

3) She wants to take it slow
The clue to your sexual future may lie in your girlfriend’s past. Have you talked to her about past relationships? If she’s experienced a bad breakup or fizzled relationship, it could explain why she’s pulled the handbrake on intimacy. After all, sex is not just emotionally risky. If you’re not careful, you can expose yourself to physical dangers as well. Until you’re not ready to comfortably talk about safe sex and birth control, you should take things slow.

4) She doesn’t believe in sex before marriage
Her decision not to sleep with you may not be temporary. While the idea of no sex before marriage may seem foreign to you, abstinence may be a choice she made long before she met you. And no matter how much she likes you, you’re not going to change her mind. Don’t even think about it. To look for signs, listen out for conversations about her future, religious faith, values and morals. To know for sure, you can always be honest and ask what she thinks about sex before marriage.

5) She’s seeing other people
There’s the possibility that your date is seeing other people. Until she decides to get exclusive with you, she’s not going to sleep with you. Have you had a conversation about exclusivity? If not, are you ready to? By being clear about where you stand with one another, you’ll have a better idea about if and when you’ll both be ready to consummate your relationship.

Regardless of why the two of you have yet to become intimate, your future relationship success lies in open and honest communication. Do both of you a favor by talking about where you stand, what your intentions are, and then together, discuss if you are both ready to take it to the nex

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