Relationship advice straight from Dad’s mouth


In celebration of Father’s Day and all the amazing Aussie dads, we asked eHarmony members to tell us the best love and relationship advice their dads have shared with them. We even got celebrity and sports star dads like Guy Sebastian and Ryan Hoffman to share their words of wisdom.

We love you, Dad!


Marry someone who (even after years together) still cracks up at your gags. Even if they are awfully unfunny.

Guy Sebastian


Knock on the door and meet the parents. Don’t just text from the car.

Ryan Hoffman


Always treat your partner with respect.

– Thomas


My dad gave me this advice after telling me that Mum didn’t really like him at first. They’ve been married 46 years now.

1. Don’t wear too much makeup. One day he has to wake up next to you and he should know what you really look like, or you’ll scare him away.

2. Smell nice.

3. Make decisions and have an opinion.

4. Let him chase you after the first date. If he likes you, he will come looking.

– Katrina


He said go out there and find the one your heart beats for.

– Kelvin


Don’t let him kiss you on the first date.

– Tamara


Know how beautiful you are and that HE is the lucky one.

– Pamela


Be honest, genuine and authentic.

– Julie


Don’t allow what happened between your Mum and I make you feel fearful of love.

– Ian


Be true to yourself and don’t let anyone do the wrong thing by you.

– Suzie


Watch how he treats his mother

– Therese


Happy Father’s day to all the dads out there. Tell us the best relationship advice your dad’s given you in the comments below or @eHarmony_AU

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