Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide: for that Special Someone


While Christmas is an exciting time filled with joy, family and overindulgence, it can often be a stressful ordeal for those unsure about what to get their partner. On the one hand, you don’t want to get them something under-appreciative, but you also don’t want to scare them off with something that’s ‘too much too soon’. So how do you find the perfect gift for that special someone? Whether you’re casually seeing other, officially dating, or in a LTR (long term relationship), you’ll find plenty of inspiration in this ultimate Gift Guide from Etsy Australia.

Just Dating

This stage is for those who have just started dating; you’ve gone on a few dates and you clearly like each other enough to keep it going. While the butterflies are in a flutter, this is still a sensitive time in a relationship so it’s important to choose the right present.

The key is to not get anything too sentimental or reflective of a more serious relationship stage than you’re in. So no expensive watches engraved with your names or tickets to a concert six months from now! Rather, try and get your guy or gal something thoughtful but on a smaller scale. By now you’d have got little snippets of their personality that you can use to understand what they’d like or wouldn’t like. Use these to your power.

Here are Kirsteene’s top gift recommendations for anyone that’s Just Dating.

Custom Guitar Pick – Metal Stamping – Copper

$28.94 AUD

Facebook Official

In today’s dating world, you know things have gotten serious when you’re ‘Facebook Official’. For many couples, it marks the exciting milestone of becoming exclusive but also announcing it to your friendship networks.

So what does this mean for Christmas presents? You’ve spent enough time together to understand each other’s passions, hopes and dreams that you can incorporate into a thoughtful gift. You can also be sentimental with photos and jewellery, objects that symbolise special memories in your relationship, and personalised gifts.

Check out Kirsteene’s gift picks for Facebook Official couples.

Personalised Gold Bar necklace no. 2 – custom name or date stamped delicate gold filled necklace.

$47.02 AUD

It’s Love

You know what they say – when you know, you know! If you and your partner are well past the honeymoon stage and are undoubtedly in lurrve, you’ll likely already have an idea of what to get them. Even at this stage of a relationship, it’s still worth surprising and delighting each other with thoughtful gifts, and this doesn’t necessarily mean spending the big bucks. Whether you’d like to give a personalised gift, a special piece of luxury, or something nice for around the house, Etsy has some great gift options to show them how much you love them.

Check out Kirsteene’s gift guide for when you know It’s Love.

HAPPILY EVER AFTER – recycled felt appliqué pillow 22 inch.

$174.83 AUD

While this a great guide, no one knows your relationship better than you. If you really are struggling for ideas, there’s no harm in having the conversation with your partner and agreeing on Christmas gift expectations to put your mind at ease.

Which relationship stage are you at? Got any other Christmas gift giving tips? Let us know in the comments below or join the conversation @eHarmony_AU or on Facebook.com/eHarmonyaustralia.

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