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While eharmony’s matching system helps you meet compatible people, it’s important not to underestimate the power of a good profile. All too often we see online daters fill up their profiles with clichés, jargon and senseless ramblings – only for their matches to run for the hills. To that end, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten phrases you should never include in an online dating profile:

  1. “I’m not entirely sold on online dating but thought I’d give it a try”

    Insulting the method of meeting someone that you’re currently using is a big turn-off. It will only make you seem judgemental and condescending.

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  2. “I’m (actual age minus 10 years)”

    Never lie about your height, age, weight or anything else as you’ll be caught out soon enough. Don’t pretend to be more successful than you are, or that you’re more prepared for a relationship than you currently are. You don’t need to share all the dirty little secrets in your profile, but you shouldn’t use deception to lure your dates either.

  3. “I want kids really soon”

    While it’s important to be upfront about your intentions, if you put too much emphasis on the ‘big’ things you want in life – like kids or a husband/wife – it will sound as though you’re seeking someone to fulfil your needs rather than to share these special life experiences with.

  4. “Thanks to my ex I’m now cautious when meeting new people”

    Never use your profile to vent about an ex. People will assume you have unresolved issues and won’t want to get involved, and if that is the case then you’re probably not ready for online dating right now.

  5. “I’m over being single”

    Never whine on your dating profile. This includes everything from your single status, bad date experiences, your job, politics and so forth. Negativity is a huge turn-off so keep your profile upbeat and focus on all the great things you have to offer to a relationship.

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  6. “I like to have fun”

    Doesn’t everyone? You’re best to avoid using clichés and vague phrases and instead fill your profile with unique details that reflect you as an individual.

  7. “Well I guess if you were to ask me I would have to say … ”

    No one likes a rambler. If your profile is ten times longer than your matches, it won’t be given much attention. Plus, give your matches the respect by proof reading your profile to ensure it is concise, clear and free of typos.

  8. “I deserve someone who will love and adore me”

    Unless you don’t want anyone to contact you, don’t indulge your inner narcissist. Instead of writing a check-list of what you believe you deserve, focus on the great qualities you have to offer someone.

  9. “Not sure what to write here”

    If you can’t put the time and effort into your profile responses, your matches will assume you’ll have the same level of motivation when it comes to investing in getting to know them.

  10. “My friends say that I’m…”

    Building on the previous point, don’t be shy and uncertain about yourself when highlighting your good qualities. People are attracted to confident people and you have every reason to promote your positives with assurance!

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