Are you addicted to drama?


Do you create needless drama in your life?
If your partner doesn’t answer your phone call, do you fire off an angry text message? Or perhaps if they’re running late you don’t exactly give them the warmest of greetings? Before you react in the heat of the moment, think about what your actions will accomplish, besides provoking a negative response.

It’s not wrong to be upset that your partner didn’t call you back or was late to meet you, but before you jump to a dramatic conclusion or assume the worst, take a step back and first ask why they were late or couldn’t answer your call.

Do you crave attention?
Does a turbulent relationship give you a feeling of excitement? You might be using attention, even if it’s negative, to affirm that you’re loved or cared for.

Think about the reaction you’re after and find the motivation behind it. Instead take the energy and excitement you get from the drama and place those feelings into improving your career or taking up a new hobby.

Can you walk away from an argument?
Many people equate getting in the last word with winning the argument. But some arguments are better put to rest, giving time for both sides to reassess the situation.

If you find yourself letting the argument intensify, take a step back. Tell your partner you’d rather take time out for both of you to cool off and revisit the discussion later, when you’ve both calmed down.

Rein in the dramatics
If you feel you might be addicted to drama, examine your past before you can work on your future. Take a look at the good parts of your past relationships. Notice how you promoted drama and what you can do to avoid it.

In a relationship both partners should be actively trying to ensure their time spent together is positive and satisfying. There will be differences, but if you’re choosing to provoke them, perhaps what you really want is the chaos and attention and not the other person.

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