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Nobody wants to be criticised and almost everybody is sensitive to it. The very word sounds negative. But when it’s given constructively, receiving criticism can be a very positive experience on the path to finding love.

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Criticism can be good
If people think you’ll react aggressively to feedback they won’t give it to you at all, so it’s important to be open to it. Usually it is motivated by a desire to help you, so be aware that it can lead to positive change. But don’t just cop it on the chin either – speak up and ask questions to find exactly what they expect you to change or improve. If you don’t know what they mean, the criticism is useless.

Decipher good criticism from bad
Consider what motivated the criticism and how it is given. Has the person voiced it to help you, or are they giving it to put you down? Spotting the helpful from the plain mean is essential. If someone criticises you about something you can’t change, then it is likely it was intended to damage your self-esteem.

Don’t argue
Criticism isn’t always fair, but before you jump on the defensive, consider carefully the point the person is trying to make. If you react before thinking it through, you’ll halt all chance for improvement.  If you still disagree despite being open to change, you are justified in your own opinion. However, don’t react with hostility. Use the right tone and be open for a discussion.

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Use the feedback wisely
This is your chance to see yourself as others do, or at least as the person dishing out the criticism does. Don’t linger on what they said. Work out what to do with it and move on.

It’s never too late to change
Don’t be stubborn. Self improvement is possible at any stage in life, so take positive steps to act on the feedback you’ve been given.

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