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Ten Things to Never Text to Your Ex

Maybe you need to ask your ex something. Maybe she still has your stuff, or perhaps his dad is ill and you want to check in.


Spring cleaning your life after the ex

Breakups are referred to as a “breakup” for a reason; because your relationship is broken. Now it is time to put it behind you and move on to more fulfilling experiences. Though this may seem a hard task to attempt, you will be stronger and smarter after you clean out those old emotional cobwebs. The good news is that it gets easier every day, but not without some soul-searching and a proactive plan to start you on the road to recovery.

Start with you

Giving an ex a second chance

It is hard to get over a relationship break up and it can take lots of tears and tissues to do it but what if just when you are out of the other side of the heartbreak your ex turns up and wants you back – what would you do?

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