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The third date: what to expect and why it matters

You’re beyond the trepidation of the first date and the chit-chat of the second. Date number three is where the magic might happen. What does it mean when you find yourself on a third date with someone you really fancy? As a rule, the first date is all about the basics. Both of you are nervous, […]

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Personality vs Looks

I’ve got a friend who is blessed with a keen intelligence but by his own admission would never win a beauty contest. In the pre-online dating world his romantic life had its limitations, because he was always judged on his looks first. His opportunities to deploy his wit and wisdom in the game of seduction […]

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Want a date? Better get active!

The Olympics might be on hiatus until 2020, but seeing the best athletes from all over the world compete for gold in Rio inspired our team of researchers to look at the impact that sports has on attractiveness in the dating arena. The results might surprise you!

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How do you know if you are in the right relationship?

When life isn’t a Hollywood movie, how can you tell if your leading man is fit for the job?

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What Bond can teach us about compatibility

Psychologist & Dating Coach Melanie Schilling draws on our latest Bond study to explain compatibility

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Compatibility – it’s not what you think it is

Grant Langston, eHarmony’s Vice President, Brand Marketing explains the true meaning of compatibility and its common misconceptions.

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The difference between the right and wrong partner

Have you ever felt stuck in a relationship that was obviously wrong for you, but for some reason you were blind to all the signs?

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15 Signs they’re the Right Match for You

Every person looking for a great relationship knows the importance of compatibility. You want to find someone whose beliefs, interests, and goals align with your own. The level of compatibility will largely determine the fulfillment and stability you enjoy over the years to come.


What should you do after a first date?

Going on a first date with a match is exciting, but are you prepared for what happens afterwards as well?

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