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My friends and family don’t like my partner – what now?

So, you’ve found the partner of your dreams! You want this person to be a part of your future, the two of you have big plans for your lives together and naturally, you want to introduce this wonderful human being to your friends and family. The only problem is that your nearest and dearest don’t exactly share your fond views of your partner. What’re you to do?

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How to handle your difficult mother-in-law

As little girls, so many of us dream of “the perfect guy” who’ll one day sweep us off our feet; our knight in shining armour. But there’s one thing that’s left out of those dreams – that your future prince will have a mother. And you might not get along with her, at all. If you’re dealing with a MIL who’s presenting more problems than you’d like, read on to find out how to handle four different types of mothers-in-law.