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3 Tips to make dating fun

Do you avoid dating simply because you’re afraid of catfishing or ghosting? Some of us may see dating as a chore or believe that there are too many commitment-phobes out there. We can choose to see dating differently. The secret to making dating fun is that it is actually fun! As Mahatma Gandhi says, “You […]

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Free Communication Week FAQ

Take advantage of our Free Communication Week this year, this is a great opportunity to see if the eharmony process is right for you. It runs from April 24th- April 30th 2018. Why should you get involved?  Our Free Communication Week gives you a chance to talk to your matches for free. In fact, some of […]

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Debunking 6 common myths about online dating

Meeting a significant other online is commonplace nowadays, as more Australians are turning to the internet in search of love. Despite the increased popularity of online dating, there are still myths associated with it. Here are six myths that need to be put to rest once and for all.