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How to be committed to love & dating

The dating scene is ever so changing with so many options of dating platforms to choose from. Where do we start? Online dating? Mobile apps? Speed dating? Match making? The possibility of meeting someone is endless that it is just easier to stay at home alone! Watching our favourite movie in our PJs whilst eating […]


7 Signs you’re dating a player

Life’s too short to be dating players. If you’re serious about meeting someone special, look out for these red flags so that you end up with a catch and not a broken heart! They say one thing and do another Actions really do speak louder than words. If someone is genuinely interested in getting to […]

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Love yourself first

Healthy relationships flourish when both parties have robust self-esteem. Unfortunately, some people endure a relationship that gives their self-esteem a battering. You can end up feeling bad about yourself and constantly questioning your self-worth. In the worst cases, your relationships with not only your partner but family and friends can be affected, as you become […]

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What makes two people compatible

I remember when I first got with my ex and thinking how great we were together. We had good chemistry, plenty of similar interests and a shared sense of humour, yet it wasn’t enough to keep us together. I won’t go into all the reasons but looking back with the understanding I have now, there […]

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Compatibility – it’s not what you think it is

Grant Langston, eHarmony’s Vice President, Brand Marketing explains the true meaning of compatibility and its common misconceptions.

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7 Couples share their biggest love lessons

We asked 7 couples: “What’s the biggest love lesson you’ve learned so far?”

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Meet eharmony success couple Nadina & Rocco

Get ready for a serious case of the awww’s, because eHarmony couple Rocco and Nadina’s love story is stuff fairytales are made of. #relationshipgoals

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5 Things dating online taught me

Learn from my mistakes so you don’t make the same!

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Do you need ‘the spark’ for a relationship to work?

In her latest post, Harriet Farkash explores the mystery of ‘the spark’. What is it? Do you need to instantly feel it or can it grow throughout a relationship? With the help of eHarmony Psychologist and Dating Expert, Melanie Schilling, Harriet investigates the spark phenomenon.

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6 Signs he’s a keeper

There are some basic behaviours that any good man should engage in to keep you. Take a look at the list below by Dr Seth Meyers, clinical psychologist and author of Dr. Seth’s Love Prescription: Overcome Relationship Repetition Syndrome and Find The Love You Deserve and see if any bells (or sonic booms) go off for you!

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