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2018 Scams Awareness Week

Eharmony is a proud partner of Scams Awareness Week – an annual initiative by the ACCC to raise awareness of and prevent online scams in Australia. This year the focus is on threat-based impersonation scams with the slogan ‘Stop and check: is this for real?’ In these scams, scammers pretend to be from a government […]

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Don’t be a catfish

If you are serious about finding romance, don’t be a catfish. The rules about online dating are no different to any other form of dating. Don’t be ungracious, treat others as you want to be treated, act naturally. All common-sense stuff. But because it’s online, you get an opportunity to fine-tune your marketing before you […]

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5 Ways to spot scams online

As a proud supporter of the ACCC’s annual National Consumer Fraud Week campaign, eharmony is reminding users how to stay safe online by knowing how to identify and avoid scams. With this year’s focus on social media and dating and romance scams, we’ve collaborated with our Trust & Safety team and the ACCC to identify […]

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10 ways to catch out a catfish

What is a Catfish and how to identify one

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