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Most members of eHarmony are genuine people who are sincerely looking for a new relationship, but with any walk of life you will get the occasional bad apple. This may be someone who misrepresents themselves; behaves inappropriately or attempts to take advantage of vulnerable members.

We are dedicated to helping ensure the safety of our members and do all we can to keep you safe but ultimately it is your responsibility. Use the guidelines and advice pages and remember these important points below to ensure your online dating experience is a safe and happy one.

How does it feel?

Your instincts are the best guide you have as to whether someone is genuine or not. If something doesn’t feel right or what you are being told by a match seems too good to be true then don’t over-ride your intuition. Listen to your feelings and take appropriate action. This may simply mean that you get to know them better before agreeing to meet. For a match to be right for you it has to feel right to you.


When you are communicating with someone online it is easy to be lulled into a false sense of security especially if they are saying all the right things. No matter how plausible a member seems never be persuaded to divulge personal information such as your date of birth; address; workplace or even email address or social network tags until you have met them in person at least once. Use eHarmony’s guided communication and open email system until you have started meeting in person and are sure they are genuine.

If you are ever asked to send money or give your bank details; mother’s maiden name or credit card number please report it immediately to the eHarmony team at

Check them out

A modern, and accepted, way of checking if someone is authentic is to put there name into an internet search engine. This will reveal any information about them that is on the internet and can often provide the reassurance needed to move onto meeting in person.

There is nothing wrong with doing this and it is now common practice, not just for people who are dating but also for employers checking the credentials of prospective employees.

Take your time

It is vitally important that you take internet dating at your own pace. Persistent matches who want to meet or talk off line immediately are better avoided if you are nervous.

Stay vigilant

If you have been single for a long time it may be tempting to throw caution to the wind and cut corners with online safety. It is important to remember your safety is ultimately your responsibility. We advise people to exercise the same level of caution for every match no matter how long they have been a member.


If you always treat other members on the site with respect then it is likely that is how you will be treated too. Always remember that you are dealing with real people even if you will never actually meet most of them.

Tell us about it

If you have any concerns about the integrity or behaviour of another member please report it to the eHarmony team immediately. We have a policy whereby we will close accounts of individuals who are found to have misrepresented themselves on the site, or who have engaged in inappropriate behaviour, and we take all member complaints seriously.

You will be informed by email if we decide to close an account of someone you have been matched with, so please do check all communication from eHarmony to ensure this communication is received quickly.

If you take on board the tips and advice contained in the guidelines and on our advice pages, you will be helping us to ensure that internet dating remains one of the safest ways of meeting people.

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