Building a better dating profile


Pulling together a dating profile that will showcase your attributes and help maximise your chances of success is an important step in the world of online dating.

Some people love talking themselves up. They are in the minority.

For most people, having to describe themselves to strangers in a way that will spark some romantic interest is an uncomfortable process – but unless you do it you’ll struggle in your search for a meaningful relationship.

Relationship Questionnaire

The way eharmony works actually makes things a lot easier for shy types.

Having studied successful marriages and relationships for decades to determine what makes them endure, the researchers at eharmony have developed the Relationship Questionnaire.

It forms the basis of your online profile. The majority of it consists of multiple-choice questions that help build a picture of you as an individual and the core values that are important to you.

Meet Compatible Matches

The more questions you answer, the more complete the picture and the more compatible the matches eharmony will present you with will be.

The essence of you

But there are several opportunities for you to write about yourself in your own words during the construction of your eharmony profile, and this is where you get to really shine.

It is an opportunity to give potential matches a glimpse of the essence of who you really are – so best not waste it.

As mentioned earlier, most people tend to hold back when required to write about themselves, or they struggle to find the right words.

But as with any activity you are unfamiliar with, a little bit of advice can help you get the best result.

Here are some tips to help you round out your profile and get started on that journey towards a relationship that is right for you.

Keep it tight

The best writers have one thing in common: they don’t waste words.

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Too many people gush when asked to write about themselves, or they repeat themselves to emphasise a point using different words and hope no one notices. Your potential matches – who, like you, will be reading a lot of profiles – will appreciate economy of prose.

Keep it light

 Humour, irony and self-deprecation are great weapons to deploy when seeking to grab someone’s attention. Don’t overdo it or you might not be taken seriously, but if you can inject a little laughter into your profile you will get noticed.

Keep it positive

People want to go on dates because they are fun and can lead to greater happiness. People don’t want to go on dates with people who come across as Negative Nellies in their profiles.

Accentuate the positive aspects of your personality or life.

Don’t allude to a troubled past, a difficult ex or serial-killer tendencies, even if have all those things. Some things are best revealed later.

 Keep it honest

Having said that, one of the most common disappointments experienced by online daters is that the person they meet up with isn’t the person described in the profile.

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Do not pretend to be something you are not. Do not exaggerate or overstate any aspect of your life or personality, because you’ll eventually be called to question if you do.

Be as honest and realistic as you would expect others to be.

Keep it clean

People can be very judgmental about sloppy writing, so before you post, clean it up. Spelling and grammar mainly, but don’t use a word whose meaning you are unsure about. Shorter rather than longer sentences are the go, and don’t use too many adjectives. Ditto cliches.

 Don’t keep it to yourself

Once you have written what amounts to your dating marketing pitch, sit on it for a while. Perhaps a day or two.

It is amazing how much you can improve the original by giving it a little time to sink in, stepping back from it, then looking at it with fresh eyes.

Once you are happy with it, let a trusted friend who knows you well look at it and get their opinion about whether it captures the person you really are.

For more tips on how to create a profile that really stands out, check out our blog. And if you still have questions about our Free Communication Week you can always email, phone or live chat with our Customer Care team.

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