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Despite the fact that you may never meet many of the people that you communicate with, it’s important that you don’t ’hide’  behind a computer screen and behave in ways you wouldn’t if speaking to them in any other way. Communicating with integrity will not only ensure you have the very best chance of success with online dating, but also that you are less likely to attract rudeness or disrespect yourself.

1.      Sincerity

This is the most important aspect of online communication. Are you serious about looking for a new relationship? Pretending you are single or available for a relationship is unfair on the people you connect with. Not only will you be wasting their time but yours too. It would be far better to deal with whatever issues you have and start online dating when you are sure you are ready to engage wholeheartedly.

2.      Privacy

In order for people to communicate freely with the strangers they meet online it is important that people’s privacy is respected. A separate email address for your online dating is a good idea and can help protect your anonymity.

Try to refrain from asking people for personal details like their surname, home address, or workplace until you have met and developed a strong connection. Do not feel pressured into giving out your details until you are ready either

3.      Honesty

Your profile is like your shop window and while you want it to be as attractive as possible you should avoid embellishing the truth too much. Posting old photos; exaggerating your accomplishments; lying about your age or omitting important facts about your life like having children are all untruths which will be uncovered when you meet in person. The fact you deceived them could ruin whatever chance you had together.

4.      Be choosy

While it is good to be open minded during the selection process don’t pretend to be interested in someone you really have no interest in. It is unfair to lead people on. Communicate only with people you really think there may be some chance with, even if it is only a slim one.

5.      Accept rejection

Rejection is an inevitable part of the dating process. The key is not to take it personally, become defensive or retaliate in any way. The reality is that just as you will reject people along the way, so you will be rejected – it is part of the process. If you can’t handle it maybe online dating isn’t for you.

6.      Answer all correspondence

It is rude not to. If someone spoke to you in the street you wouldn’t just ignore them even if you didn’t think they were a potential match. It only takes a few seconds to let someone know you received their message and whether you are interested in communicating with them. Doing this promptly allows them to move on to other matches rather than waiting in the hope they will get a positive response from you.

7.       Keep it brief

Although communicating online is an important stage in the dating process it is only the beginning of developing a relationship. Use it as a way of finding out whether you want to meet in person rather than to share your full life story. Keep your emails brief and interesting and let the real relationship develop in person.

8.      Multiple matches

It is commonplace for people to be communicating with more than one match at a time until they find someone that they want to pursue a relationship with.

9.      The golden rule

To ensure that you are always communicating with integrity treat everyone as you would like to be treated – with respect.


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