Should you be sexy in your profile photos?



When you join an online dating site you’re clearly hoping to meet a potential partner. But the nature of the system puts you in competition with others who are looking for the same thing. The question is, “what makes you seem interesting and unique amongst others?”

No place is this better illustrated than your profile photos. Many people consider how to make themselves more unique and interesting by the way they use their profile photos. Some people pose outdoors, others upload action shots and some people try to appear sexy.

In this article we’re going to consider the idea of turning up the sex appeal in your photos. Is it a good idea? Before you upload photos of yourself with smoldering eyes, half naked at the beach, let’s look at what sexy really means.

What is sexy?
Being sexy or projecting sex appeal is about looking happy, friendly and at ease with yourself. It isn’t about trying too hard or un-naturally posing in way that doesn’t capture who you truly are.

Let the natural chemical attraction that brings people together work for you.

We’ve heard many men say, “I don’t understand why women are attracted to us.” But straight women are attracted to men because they are designed to be. As a man you don’t have to try and set up some sort of artificial sex appeal. Look happy, clean, and confident in your photos and let the natural attraction do its work.

Are You Sexy?
Of course you are! Every man and women is sexy in their unique way. Regardless of your age and self-concept, these are things that you can do.

Don’t be scared to ask for advice. If you’re a 50-year-old man who has never thought about looking sexy, explain your situation to a woman (daughter, friend, co-worker) and ask for guidance. Sexy isn’t about looking like a magazine model with come-hither eyes, it’s simply about it’s about being desirable to another person.

What if you are a fireball of sexuality?
In any large population of people you’re going to have a few women and men who are and dramatically sexy. Should those people work to downplay this element of who they are?

If you dress in an ostentatious manner as a daily habit, by all means use that in your photos. It’s important to be yourself so your matches know what to expect when they meet you.

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