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Your eharmony profile cover photo is the very first impression you are making to your matches, so it is important to choose it carefully. Here are the top three factors that help your cover photo make a great first impression.

1.    You are the focus of the photo

First and foremost, your cover photo should include you. Not only that, but you should ideally be the only person in it so that you are not mistaken for someone else. You will have plenty of opportunity to upload many more photos to your profile, where you can express your adoration for your pets, family, friends you passion and places you visited. However, your matches want to see YOU first, so let your cover photo be the best representation of you.


2.    You are showing off your entire face

Close-ups and different angles may show your playful or artistic side, but these are not suited for a large cover shot.  Make sure there’s plenty of light, your face is in focus, no sunglasses .Avoid hats or anything that hides your eyes or face. Eye contact is often the strongest and most engaging feature of a photo and don’t forget to smile- make your matches feel a connection with you! It’s as simple as that.


3.  It reveals something about you

You will entice your matches more if you tell a story with your cover photo. With the right photo, you can give insight into a place you like visiting, the style of clothes you wear, or hobbies you might enjoy. Don’t go overboard though, subtle clues are key as you don’t want your photo to lose you as the primary feature.

pexels-photo-386140pexels-photo-167465woman in wetsuit with a surfboard on a sunny day at the beach


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Photo credits go to Fineas Gavre ,Warren Wong  and William Stitt on Unsplash


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