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Dating in Port Adelaide with eharmony

  • Try dating in Port Adelaide with eharmony
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It’s amazing when you meet somebody special: somebody whose gaze can turn your legs to jelly, and whose smile can make you smile. Someone who you can’t get out of your mind and who you can’t bare to be apart from! There’s nothing like that first date feeling - the goosebumps and the sparks - but it’s often hard to come by.


It takes something more.

It isn’t just a mutual love of Metallica or deep appreciation of modern art that determines whether or not a relationship will work; and you never can tell from appearances whether a person is really right for you. True romantic compatibility comes from complementary personality traits – things like sense of humour, passion, goals, ambition and intellect (the things that make you who you are).

eharmony can help.

We aren’t like your average dating website , we try to get to the core of who you are and then, using our bespoke Compatibility Matching system, we select Port Adelaide singles that best match you and send them directly to your inbox. All the searching is done for you so you can spend time getting to know the matches who interest you most. These are the matches who have the potential to get your heart pounding or start your knees shaking. What happens from there, whether it’s one date, a couple of dates, or your next big relationship is completely up to you.

Port Adelaide dating ideas:

1.  Take in some art

Wandering around a local gallery, soaking up the culture is such a wonderful past time, why not share this with someone else and incorporate a gallery trip into your date?


      Jackalope Studio Gallery, in the epicentre of historic Port Adelaide, operates as both a working studio and showcase for emerging artists and photographers and would make for an excellent free dating idea.


      2. Swim with the fishes

Or at least, have a little look at them. The Seahorse Farm on Divett Street is open seven days a week from 11am to 4pm and is home is Seahorses, Seadragons and whole load of other local fish. There’s even a little ‘petting zoo’ of sorts where you and your date can get up close and personal with a dog shark.


3.  Go for a meal

Why not get to know one another over a candle-lit dinner for two at Carmines Restaurant, for some of the finest home cooked Italian cuisine South Australia has to offer, or the excellent Birkenhead Tavern. For busy professional singles, why not squeeze in a quick lunch date or even mid-morning coffee at Cafe Foreyou on Lipson.

Whatever you choose to do when dating in Port Adelaide if you’re meeting your matches on eharmony, you’re more likely to have an enjoyable first date. It’s currently free to review matches, so you really do have nothing to lose by signing up and having a look around!



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