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Dating In Ballarat

It’s always a little intimidating, organising that faultless first date; trying to foretell the kind of thing this perfect stranger might enjoy, fretting over what to wear, agonising over every tiny, little detail.

Here at eharmony, we want you to make the most out of dating in Ballarat with minimal panic, so take a look at our possible date selections:

You could take her to dinner?

There’s nothing like fine wine, a good meal and sympathetic mood lighting and so a drinks or dinner date could provide the perfect environment in which to get to know your matches . The Forge Pizzeria is a local treasure – first stop for traditional, thin-crust Italian pizza pies and phenomenal service. Or there’s Ballarat Steakhouse who really, really know their way around a steak.

Teach him a thing or too?

Ballarat singles are quick to overlook the city’s many cultural dating pursuits. Museums and galleries make for great date locations. For a start, you’re learning something new together – an immediate bonding opportunity – and with all of those displays and exhibits to look at, you won’t be scratching your head over what to say. The local Art Gallery is a great starting point, as is Sovereign Hill, a recreated gold mining town.

Or just enjoy the natural beauty together.

At Lake Wendouree, Ballarat Botanic Gardens or the city’s excellent Wildlife Park where you and your matches can get up close and personal with a bunch of adorable kangaroos and contented koala bears.

Again, dates like these are great bonding experiences as they involve Ballarat singles actively making new memories together rather than just passively spending time with each other in local pubs and restaurants. But better still, more often than not, things like this are usually free. A stroll along Lake Wendouree, stopping to feed the ducks every now and again, won’t cost you a penny so is a great way for students or professional singles on the wrong side of pay day to get to know one another without being pressured into spending money they don’t have.

But don’t sweat it.

To be honest, if your date is with someone who’s really right for you, you’re going to have fun doing whatever! So just relax and let your personality have a chance to shine through. Meeting matches through eharmony can increase your chance of successful first dates which lead to successful second, third and fourth dates. We aren’t like your average dating website, we get to the core of who you are and what you’re about and then, using  our Compatibility Matching System, we introduce you only to local singles that are well suited to your interests and personality so you can be certain you’ll meet someone you’re going to enjoy dating, wherever that might lead. It’s free to review matches, so why not try today?

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