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Are you sick of dating the wrong people? Then join us for an exclusive night of speed dating with a twist, as we put our matching system to the test for the first time ever!

eHarmony Live is a FREE, one-night only event where you will take part in a unique social experiment that puts eHarmony’s algorithm to the test in real time.

You will be set up on a series of mini dates and have a chance to meet people based on years of eHarmony’s research on relationships. This unique event accelerates the entire online dating process in one amazing night!

Space is extremely limited so register now to avoid missing out on this exclusive event. Drinks and canapés will be served throughout as you get to know lots of different people and learn more about who is just right for you.

Come and feel the spark!

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How does speed dating work?

Speed dating is a fun and unique way of meeting several new people in one exciting night! You will have a chance to sit down on multiple 5 minute dates with other attendees and let the sparks fly. You will get to choose who you are interested in sharing your contact information with towards the end of the event. There will be a happy hour/mixer after the speed dates to add some more opportunities to get to know your dates. After the event, you will also receive your match list detailing who is interested in you and your mutual matches.

Is this event really free?

Absolutely! There is no fee for attending this event, and we will be providing drinks and canapés.

Is this event open to gay singles?

‘eHarmony LIVE’ is the time we’re putting our algorithm to the test in real time for research purposes. Due to the nature of the social experiment, the event will focus on heterosexual dates. If demand proves strong, more eHarmony LIVE events, including ones for gay and heterosexual singles, may be organised in the future.

What are the requirements for eligibility?

First and foremost, you must be single (obviously), live within Sydney, and be available to attend the event in Woolloomooloo on Tuesday, 29 November from 6:30-10pm. You must create or already have an eHarmony profile set up.

During the event, you will be asked to fill out a few questionnaires throughout the night documenting how you feel about each date, so you must be willing to share this information with us.

Sounds like fun! How do I sign up?

Great! To sign up, complete the registration on the event page. Space for this event is extremely limited, so not everybody who signs up will be able to attend. You will be notified via email either way beforehand by a member of our team and given instructions on how to complete your registration if you are selected.

Will my personal contact information be shared with everybody at the event?

No. At the end of the night, your contact information will only be sent to those specific daters that you choose to share your information with.

Can I bring a friend?

Sorry, we'd love to have you and your best friend show up for this unique event, but space is extremely limited. If your friend really wants a shot, have them sign up as well!

What is eHarmony's role in this event?

eHarmony has years of research regarding romantic relationships, in what makes relationships last and what attracts people to one another. eHarmony is interested in seeing what attracts people to one another in a live setting and integrating this into our matching system. This also provides us a new and exciting way of bringing people together!

How will the data collected be used?

Some data we collect from the speed dating event will be used for research purposes. Any data used for research will be anonymised and used by eHarmony to integrate into its matching system.

Eligibility and other terms are governed by eHarmony's Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy and the information provided above.

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