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Introducing Instant Magnetism

  • Experience dating in a fun & immediate way
  • Get magnetically drawn towards matches—literally!
  • Never miss out on bumping into someone compatible.
  • Note: not recommended whilst in transit!

Introducing Instant Magnetism

This Saturday, 1 April, 2017, we're proud to announce we are releasing a powerful and fun new feature to our app — Instant Magnetism! This feature will bring a whole new meaning to the laws of attraction, quite literally dragging you and your perfect match together in the real world, by turning your eHarmony app on your phone into an incredibly strong magnet.


eHarmony Australia's Managing Director, Nicole McInnes explains:

"Instant magnetism is so essential to finding love, we thought we'd cut out the talk and just add it directly to the eHarmony app. It works really simply: when the feature is turned on, a powerful force draws together the phones of two people that are highly compatible, making it impossible for them not to meet. Our vision has always been to enable meaningful connections, and this addition will connect them quite literally. It will also ensure you never miss out on bumping into someone that is made for you, physically they will be hard to ignore as they will be attached to you. It's important to note this is extremely powerful technology, so love-seekers need to harness it carefully, we don't recommend using while in transit, for example" 

So what are you waiting for? Download the eHarmony app for Android and iOS to experience the magic now!


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