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Australian Capital Territory

Anna-Lee and Jason

Sydney, NSW


Anna-Lee: “It was pure luck that Jason and I found each other in the first place. I’d dated someone from eHarmony for three months and when that ended, I decided that I needed someone older! I changed the age range that I was interested in. After trying it out and making readjustments, I happened to lower the age by a year, and voila! Jason popped up. I remember thinking how attractive he was and how much I liked his profile. I found out after we started dating that he had actually started composing a message when a ‘smile’ popped up from me at the same time!

Jason and I had both had relationships that ended because our partners weren’t in the same place as we were. Jason had waited a while after his last relationship, I waited a couple of months! Another failed relationship was the last straw for me. I needed the experts and data behind my relationship status, and since you have to pay more to be on eHarmony, I felt the caliber of subscribers is higher.

We both admit to feeling quite nervous before our first date. Jason had been on seven first dates before this one and I think he was used to them by now! We went to a popular bar in the city – chosen because you can have casual drinks downstairs and there’s an easy option of moving upstairs for dinner, just in case it turns out well. I remember being so nervous and walking down the stairs. He strategically placed himself in a corner so he could see me before I could see him! He was wearing a Tool shirt and red Converse shoes. An interesting choice, you might think, but he decided to wear his “worst” clothes so that if I liked him, I liked him for himself! The date went remarkably well, and I realised about 20 minutes in that I wanted to see him again. We kept discovering things we were both interested in. I think the moment which got me was when he mentioned the Battle of Thermopylae- one of the best battles in Ancient History. I almost fell of my chair, he had to be the one! We had our first kiss over dinner, I made the first move and he was so shocked and happy. He basically sat at the table with his mouth open for a minute!

We have been inseparable from that point on. We now live together and I honestly can’t imagine my life without him! We have a friendship and partnership that I’ve never shared with anyone before and I can’t believe how lucky I am to have found him. And I know he feels the same way because we don’t stop talking about how fortunate we are that eHarmony happened to match us up!”

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