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eHarmony Success Stories

New South Wales

Matt and Ann

Picton, NSW

In the beginning…

eHarmony introduced us in November 2008. After a couple of months of chatting online, or video calling with Skype, we finally met face to face.

I came over one evening to help her move into a new house - our first face to face. I never left! We are both self confessed geeks with entomology collections, so it seems only fitting that we were married in a butterfly house in a science centre, just a few minutes after leaving a planetarium show! We were careful not to place too many limitations on an 'ideal' partner within eHarmony. There will always be traits that you dislike in a person, but many of these need not be deal-breakers. Whilst this tactic provided each us with a number of unsuitable matches, it also succeeded in matching us together.

As soon as we met in person, there was no doubt that a wedding was imminent. 

We go camping, fishing (note the difference between 'fishing' and actually catching anything!), collect insects, brew our own ales, skiing, and of course reading to each other from science journals. We are the perfect match for each other.

All our thanks to eHarmony!

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