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eHarmony Success Stories

New South Wales

Jennifer and John

Sydney, Australia

In the beginning...

The first thing I noticed about John was that in his photo he was wearing chef's whites - being a chef myself, this was an instant connection. I read all of his information and decided to contact him, even though he lives on the other side of the world - I was Sydney, he's was in Vermont.

We soon started emailing and talking on the phone and finally, after more than two months, we met in person. Immediately upon meeting, we just felt like a couple, never an awkward moment, no weirdness, everything was just right from the start. We spent the week wandering Sydney, eating out, cooking dinners together. It still amazes me that we could have so much in common. We share the same morals, values, goals and interests. We're already planning a holiday together later this year, and hopefully, I'll be relocating back to New England early next year. It's not easy being so far away from each other, but the time apart makes us even more appreciative of the time we have together. Thank you eHarmony!


The proposal...

We've racked up tens of thousands of frequent flier miles on Qantas! John just recently visited me in Sydney for two weeks, and, after over 30 hours of travel, seemingly endless delays caused by the President, and a lost luggage incident, John arrived in Sydney exhausted. When he finally made it to my house, he pulled a ring from his carry-on luggage and made a somewhat incoherent proposal. Apparently, he had all sorts of romantic plans for the proposal, but having to carry the ring throughout his trip to Sydney caused him so much stress, that he just wanted to be rid of it. Not the most romantic story, but the end result is we were engaged on September 12!

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