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New South Wales

Cherry and Billy

Sydney, NSW

Cherry: “I got a message from Billy the same day that I joined eHarmony. He managed to get into my matches even though I put the age and height criteria as very important (he is younger and shorter than me). For a start, this just goes to show that we women don't always know what we want, and first impressions don't always last!  Regardless, we started exchanging emails to get to know each other. We had similar values and interests. A week later he asked for my number and a movie date on the weekend. I told one of my girlfriends all about it, I had butterflies in my stomach and couldn't sleep the night before. 

We agreed to meet at the mall, but he called me during the day to pick me up! I actually wanted to cancel the date because I was apprehensive about meeting some guy I met online. Billy was the first guy I’d met. When I first saw him in person, I was very disappointed. I put a lot of effort into my appearance and the way I dressed and he was in a pair of cargo pants, a casual T-shirt, and thongs!

We enjoyed each others' company so much that we forgot about the time. At this stage I did not think of him then as a potential partner but a friend. 

After a few more dates, we realised that we were very compatible on so many different levels including career aspirations, ideas of marriage and how important family is to us. Not only that but he accepted all the worst sides of me without hesitation. He was always very passionate, and before I knew it, I had fallen for him. 

Since then, we do everything together and my mum started calling him perangko which means stamp, because he's always stuck to me. Before we knew it, five months had passed and we were still going strong. Billy decided to take it to the next level and asked my mum for my hand in marriage, which she accepted. I then asked him to confront all my relatives and declare his love for me. I was amazed at how well he got along with my family like none of my ex-boyfriends ever did. He was clearly a keeper and was not afraid to show his love for me in front of our friends and relatives.  Now we're engaged and are set to get married early next year.” 

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