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New South Wales

Chevaun and August

Sydney, New South Wales

Chevaun: “Prior to meeting on eHarmony, August and I were pretty much in the same boat. We were both professionals, with good careers and accomplishments. We had friends and had travelled around and lived in different, cool places, but we had just never found anyone special that we really clicked with. August had never been in love before and had never considered marrying anyone else.

When we met on eHarmony it felt like instant magic. We had a spark, even over the internet with a huge distance between each other. We were both amazed at the connection we felt straight away, as we didn't think that was possible. I think we both thought we were at a stage in our lives where perhaps love and an adult relationship just weren’t going to be that exciting and interesting, that it was just going to come down to settling for someone ‘good enough’. We started chatting continuously over eHarmony and then email and instant message. The conversations were playful, humorous, fun, exciting and romantic. We found we both had the same off-beat sense of humor, yet we also connected on a deeper level and were able to talk about our family, our faith and our life dreams. We found that we were compatible on many levels, especially the really important things such as our Christian faith, and we were also very similar on little things that just made it fun to be around each other. We knew we had found something special with each other within the first few days of meeting online. Neither of us had experienced such a connection, chemistry and ease of communication before. We had said ‘I love you’ before even meeting in person, even though we both thought it was crazy!

We quickly started talking about meeting in person and August came to Sydney in April 2011 to visit me. He was jet lagged from traveling all the way from Alaska, USA and I was so nervous I was practically shaking. We were both a bundle of nerves meeting at the airport and I kind of threw myself on him to hug him in a clumsy way. It took our brains a few hours to make the link between the voice, photos and words we knew over the phone and online and the person standing before us. It was quite surreal! We quickly settled in and were thankful to find that we were the same people we had felt like we knew so well. That was a relief! We had a really fun, but short week together, and it was so sad to kiss him goodbye at the airport.

We knew we wanted to be married even before meeting in person I think, although we didn't want to admit that because we were so used to being responsible, logical adults, we thought we must have been crazy! We figured everyone else would think we were crazy too!

August came back to Sydney in June 2011 for only five days (poor thing was jet lagged the entire time) and proposed just hours before boarding a plane back to the USA.

The real struggle came after that, when we had to file our paperwork to get a fiancée visa for me to join August in Alaska. We had to wait a year for it to come through and it was agonizing! The phone and internet communication that had once been so exciting became pretty heart breaking. We lived with an 18-20 hour time difference! We had several holidays together which was great, but it was like having the clock ticking over us the entire time, as the minute we were reunited, the countdown began to our imminent farewell. Many tears were cried at airports around the world.

We are still amazed and thankful at being together now. We marvel every time we get to travel together and get on the same plane home! Getting married felt like a huge accomplishment after being on the other side of the world for our entire year long engagement. We are both having a lot of fun being married! Sometimes we still can't believe our own journey, and even though it hasn't been the easiest road to go down, we wouldn't have it any other way.”

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