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eHarmony Success Stories

New South Wales

Travis and Renee

Boat Harbour, NSW

Travis: “My motivation to join eHarmony was actually kind of different. My daughter’s mother had great success with eHarmony and recommended that I should give it a go. I’d always seemed to end up with people who I wasn’t compatible with, obvious from my less-than-awesome success in the past. I figured I’d let someone else have a go at matching me for once. After all, eHarmony couldn’t do any worse than I had before! I answered the questions as truthfully as possible and decided that if eHarmony could still find me a match, I would give the site a good go.

I’d been single for a while before I decided to try eHarmony. I’d been on couple of other sites and had a couple of dates but wasn’t very impressed. I felt that the people I’d met weren’t really looking for a serious relationship. As soon as I completed the questionnaire I realised that eHarmony was different. At first I thought some of the questions were silly and some a bit strange, but after getting to know Renee I realised why I’d had to answer them. It’s the little things that can make or break a relationship in the long run.

We spoke for about ten days before we actually met and we sent some pretty long and comprehensive emails too. I was so nervous before our first meeting but once we met it seemed as if we had known each other for a long time. We went for a coffee at the Nelson Bay foreshore and then a walk around the beaches and headland. We then headed back to the Nelson Bay waterfront for a glass of wine to top off an amazing date. We chatted even more over the next few days, had another date a couple of days later and I think that is when we decided that that we were right for each other. Over the next couple of months we spent every second day together, which was impressive considering we lived over an hour away from each other. We went on a holiday in April 2011 and have spent all but three days together ever since.

On the 10th November last year we got married in front of our friends and family and I didn’t stop smiling the entire day. I would recommend eHarmony to anyone. Just be honest in your answers and you will be surprised.”

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