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New South Wales

Ellie and Thomas

Kingswood, NSW

Ellie: “I joined eHarmony because I was lonely and having three children didn't make it easy to get out and about and meet new people. Also having to mention the children factor was always a deal breaker. 

I hesitated at first to 'smile' at Thomas because I thought "He is so good looking" - I thought he had lots and lots of smiles and didn't want to be "just another one". But after going back and forth from deciding to ‘smile’ at him, I took the plunge and did it! To my surprise he smiled back. I was so excited! 

We did the whole guided communication thing and a lot of messaging via eHarmony before exchanging emails. Thomas then gave me his number but being a scaredy cat, I simply texted him and within moments got a reply, I was elated. We texted for a few weeks and then finally Thomas called me.  Our first phone call was surreal. It was like we had known each other for a lifetime. He was so open to me having children from a previous of my having three children from a previous relationship. I remember the first time I ever heard his voice; it was like my soul had found its mirror. Since our first phone call, we were talking for hours every day, everything just felt so right and perfect - Thomas lived in Queensland and I lived in Sydney, so the distance was huge, but never a worry. 

Thomas is a Melbourne boy and he was travelling home for a weekend in August 2012 and as fate had it, I was also travelling to Melbourne that same weekend for a close friend’s birthday. 

I remember the first moment I saw him in 'real life' - he was so shy and humble. We both said a 'stomach butterfly filled' "Hello" - and kissed. It was short and sweet. We spoke for a while then finally headed out to dinner. We went to a hidden away pizza place and talked and talked, laughed and stuffed our faces with pizza. It was like we had known each other for a hundred years, no awkward moments. 

Thomas stayed the night, I have never been up so late just talking and laughing. He was suppose to fly back to Queensland the next day but cancelled his flight and re-booked. He came back to my hotel with the biggest smile on his face and me the same. We were like magnets. 

Thomas flew to Sydney the following weekend and he did that every week or so, I then integrated him into my children's lives - and they took to it swiftly. They love spending time with him and Thomas adores them. It was more than a perfect fit. After some time Thomas moved to Sydney to live with myself and my children.”

Tom: “After moving to Sydney, I soon proposed to Ellie as I am so in love with her and can't see my life without her; thankfully she said yes. It wasn't a planned moment; I just carried the ring with me until the perfect moment came along. I can't wait for the rest of our lives together. She is my person and I am so lucky that she came into my life. 

Ellie is an amazingly strong person who has been through so much in her life more than most of us could handle. I love her and our family immensely and I'm grateful to be in their lives.”

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