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New South Wales

Megan and Aaron

Newcastle, New South Wales

Megan: “Aaron and I had both been using eHarmony for several months and we’d both been on a couple of other dates separately before being matched. Aaron made first contact with me through an eHarmony message.  However truthfully, he had only done this after noticing that I had viewed his profile several times (on purpose) hoping he would notice. 

Unlike other matches, we were emailing for some time before deciding to meet up. We communicated back and forth at least twice a week and eventually towards the end replying the very next day. We had a lot of interests and values in common and would learn about each other’s lives by communicating as friends. It was great getting to know one and other first and it made it easier for when we would finally meet. I believe it was this extended early communication period that allowed us to really get to know each other and helped when finally meeting face to face. Once we did though, there was no stopping us!

Meeting for the first time was more like meeting a friend for coffee rather than meeting a perfect stranger. I knew that when we met that if it didn’t work out it would be ok because we had already become friends out of the experience.  

Our first date was four months after we had started communicating, we met for lunch in Newcastle. Although it was a little strange at first, I knew I wanted to see him again and he the same. It wasn’t too long before he sent me a message to ask if we could meet up again. After about 4 or 5 dates we decided to make it official by introducing each other to family and friends and cancelling our eHarmony accounts. It was interesting to find out that we have a couple of friends in common and amazing to think we never would have met without the help of eHarmony. We were both surprised at how quickly we fell in love with each other but we knew that it felt right. We have always said that our relationship felt effortless like it was meant to be all along.”

Aaron: “I think I first realised that the relationship was getting serious after our third date. As we had been talking for quite some time, with a break halfway in between, I knew that we had a lot in common and that we were very well matched. We simply had to establish if things translated so well into the real world. After the third date, I think we both knew that things were going just as well in the real world as they had online. We share a lot of common goals, beliefs and interests. We both enjoy each other’s company and the great times we spend together, right from the start, have felt so effortless.

We recently adopted a Labrador, Simba and have been busy spending a lot of time with him. He is now truly part of our family. We are also currently saving for a house and are working towards an exciting future together. Earlier this year, Megan moved into a new, local job in the health profession and in a few weeks’ time I will be moving into a more local job with Transport for NSW. To that end, the future is looking really good and thus far, 2014 has really been ‘our’ year.”

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