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New South Wales

Nadina and Rocco



Rocco: “I had almost lost hope on eHarmony until I stumbled across Nadina’s profile. She was from Wollongong, which was where I was from. I looked through her photos and read her profile, and I loved everything about it. So without further thought I sent the icebreaker.

Two months had passed since I reached out to her and I hadn’t heard back. At this point, I was so down and out, but I wasn’t prepared to give up. There was something telling me to give it more time. I started to think of all the possibilities; was she on holidays? Is she keeping her options open? Internet problems? Then not long after I finally got a return icebreaker and was so relieved. I didn’t want to waste any more time, so I bypassed the guided communication stages and went straight to eHarmony mail. I recall this night very well. Our messages were flowing really well and I felt that everything that was being said was genuine and sincere.

A few days had passed and I never heard back. I was quite devastated as I wasn’t sure what happened. It turns out that Nadina had accidentally closed me, and a few days later I got an eHarmony from eHarmony support stating that Nadina requested a match reopen request. I just couldn’t believe my lucky stars. At this point, I thought that she could potentially be the one! Why would someone go through all the effort in having a match reopened? There were several more emails sent between each other, which at this point we became very comfortable with each other. I finally developed the courage in asking Nadina out on a date. We gave out each other’s mobile numbers and we never looked back.

We agreed to speak to each other the night before our first date. Leading up to the phone call, I was very nervous and quite eager in chatting to Nadina. We ended up speaking on the phone for four hours! I couldn’t believe how much we had in common. We both wanted the same things in life, both ambitious and career-oriented and wanting a family. We were on the same page. During the entirety of the conversation, I was feeling nothing but warm flushes and tingling sensations running through my body! It was an unbelievable feeling; a feeling that I can still recall as I’m typing this story.

All the boxes were ticked apart from the physical attraction encounter. I knew that this box wouldn’t be ticked off until the big night. Leading up to the night, I constantly had butterflies. I was so anxious that I had a loss of appetite. I was the first to arrive our agreed venue – the popular ‘Dagwood’ in Wollongong. I waited there patiently until I saw a taxi pull up. I immediately recognised her exiting the cab and there she was. To this day, I can still recall what she was wearing. What I first noticed though was her beautiful smile and beautiful blue eyes. Her smile was like a hot knife through butter!

It was here where our fairy tale began. As we were shown our table and sat down, our eyes immediately engaged. I could see that beautiful sparkle in her eyes. I instantly felt a sudden rush of ‘electricity’ go straight through me. I didn’t even want to order any food, as food was the last thing on my mind! We both agreed to order a bottle of Pinot Grigio. I thought this was the perfect icebreaker; a perfect antidote in calming the nerves.

As our evening progressed, we were utterly in love with each other. It felt as though we had known each other for years. In the space of about 2.5 hours, we knew everything about each other. As we concluded our dinner date, we both agreed to venture on to a nearby cocktail lounge. During the course of our evening stroll, arm in arm, hand in hand, we giggled, made jokes, and just couldn’t believe our luck. I was asking myself, “Could this be the one?”

We finally arrived at ‘The Little Prince’. After a few more hours of getting to know more about each other, we decided to call it a night. We had our first kiss, which felt magical. It was and still is a moment that I can clearly recall in detail. I would describe the kiss as the seal of fate, the beginning of something special. Nadina invited me to her friend’s engagement party the next day, and I introduced Nadina to my parents on the same day. They instantly knew that she was something special too. I really wanted to utter the words, “I love you” after I had just met her!

As things progressed, I found that our relationship seemed almost too easy. There were none of the worries, uncertainties and fears associated with our previous relationships. We went on our first holiday a year later where I proposed to Nadina in Paris on Lovers Lock Bridge where we left a specially made padlock. We plan to get married this year.

Thanks to eHarmony I met my best friend and the love of my life. Though it requires a little bit of work and commitment at first, my journey up until now is living proof that the time was worth it.”

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