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Jen and Matthew

Brisbane, Queensland

In the beginning…

Jennifer and Matt both joined eHarmony in October 2004, Matt from the United States and Jen from Brisbane. After Matt was matched with Jen he couldn't believe that someone who sounded so perfect for him was on the other side of the globe.

Initially, Jen was a bit skeptical, even nervous, about replying to Matt's request to communicate. However, the thing that attracted Jen the most, despite the fact Matt was cute, was how he described his family. Jen found his honesty and sense of humor about the 'little gripes' in life to be thoroughly refreshing.

After speaking on the phone for a while, Jen bit the bullet the day before her birthday and flew to the United States from Australia to meet Matt.

Jen’s sister works for the highway patrol in the US and was very nervous about Jen meeting 'a strange man from the internet.’ To put Jen’s sister at ease, Matt picked Jen up from the highway patrol station in Kansas. When Matt arrived he was so laid-back and friendly, Jen’s sister approved straight away.

The first date

As soon as Matt met Jen at the highway patrol station their first date began. Matt decided to take Jen on a tour of Kansas and Missouri, which ended up lasting just over a week! They had an incredible time together and Jen found it really tough to have met someone so special and then have to leave them after a week. However, it was made easier by a promise to see each other again in around five months, jobs and finances permitting.

After their special US experience, Jen and Matt called or emailed every day and thought about each other constantly. Matt started to look at international job options to see if he could work in Australia, and Jen, being a registered nurse, needed to complete a US nursing exam in order to work in the United States. But they were both very focused on trying to find a way to be together. They felt such an intense bond after their first meeting and were intent on being with each other.

The proposal…

Matt was previously a self-proclaimed bachelor, and was now eating his words, much to the amusement of all his friends. He decided to propose to Jen.

The wedding…

Jen and Matt were married in Waikiki, Hawaii on the 1st of May 2007. It was a lovely little ceremony on the beach with their family and close friends.


Extra notes…

Jen and Matt feel they don't have a lot of angst or stress when they’re together because there isn't conflict with their base values. As their relationship has progressed there haven't been any rude shocks along the way. When they come to a challenge in their relationship they generally find that they’re on the same wavelength. Even though they’re still learning about each other, they say it's a peaceful kind of learning.

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