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Alan and Narelle

Carindale, Queensland

Narelle: “When we first started talking, we realised that we had a lot in common and could talk for ages. It was easy and comfortable. I preferred to meet up straight away as I could get a better first impression from meeting someone face to face. So there wasn’t too much communication before our first date.

The first time we met I arrived a little early and as I waited for Alan I was talking to my friend on the phone and told her I would come and see her after I met Alan, I told her I wouldn’t be long. Alan and I got on so well we talked for two hours, I had my phone on silent and my friend left me three messages, worried that something had happened to me! It turned out I had met the guy I wanted to grow old with. As we parted ways Alan asked if I wanted to see him again and I got a text the next day asking if I wanted to go to dinner with him the next week. We had dinner that night and it was just great. He was funny and so easy to talk to. He wanted to involve me in his interests e.g. take me out on his boat and go to different restaurants. I thought wow, this guy is so open and wants me to be part of his life with no pressure. I really liked him!

It got to March and it was strange that I hadn’t received a birthday present from Alan – my birthday was in January so I had been very patient. The week before the proposal he asked if we were doing anything on the Saturday because he had a birthday surprise for me. I was a little excited but didn’t tell many people Alan was taking me out as everyone thought he would propose soon and if he didn’t I didn’t want to be disappointed. I just thought Alan was doing something special for me and I have never had a surprise for my birthday so I was going to enjoy whatever he had planned for me. On the Friday night and the Saturday at home Alan was nothing but a tease - he was excited and kept asking me what I thought we were doing, which was making me more and more nervous.

Alan took me to his flying school. He had hired a plane to take me flying, just me and him. So we took off and it was just beautiful. Alan pointed out a few things so I knew where we were flying over and as we flew over Stradbroke Island he told me to get my camera ready. He did a U-turn over the ocean and slowed the plane down a lot so we were quite low to the ground. As I looked down, I saw something written in the sand, ‘Marry me Rel’. I had to read it a few times before it registered. He asked me to grab his bag from the back, then he handed me a ring box.”

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