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Angie and Henri

Rockhampton, Queensland


Angie: “I joined because the free sites looked a bit dubious and I was of an age where I didn’t want to meet someone in a bar. I pretty much joined on a whim, having seen the TV ads, and didn’t really expect too much – how wrong I was! I had only been single for a couple of months, having come out of a long relationship, but we had been in a rut for some time. Henri had been essentially single since his divorce a couple of years earlier. 

I was immediately attracted to Henri from his photo and although we were a flexi match, there were an amazing number of compatibilities compared to some of the other matches I had received; film, music, rugby, travel, etc.

We did a couple of messages through the site, but quickly switched to personal emails and then Skype. We did the email and Skype thing for a couple of months, got to know each other very well, one weekend spending a total of approximately eight hours on video which was amazing – I have never had such a connection with someone.

We decided to meet in November 2011 in Brisbane, as Rockhampton is not a very exciting place to visit and obviously we weren’t close enough to meet for coffee or anything like that. The day of the meeting I was so excited, I had already told Henri that I loved him as a person and anxiously anticipated whether there would be immediate chemistry – obviously there was! He says all the time that he regrets not taking photos on the first night, as I was so nervous, but we will always have the memory emblazoned on our minds.

So I spent the weekend in Brisbane and it was the best date of my life, no question. We had drinks and dinner then spent the weekend on the Gold Coast at Coolangatta and Lamington National Park, attempting to surf and bush walking. One of my most precious memories is of him dragging me out of the car, at the side of the road and dancing to a favourite song. Also coming home via Mt Tamborine, seeing the sunset, and realising that I was the happiest I could ever remember being actually had me joyfully tearful. 

I knew that it was going to be something special, and the night I met him there was definitely chemistry, by the end of the weekend I had told him that I loved him – he took a few days to come to his realisation but that was ok too. After about 6 months of doing the long-distance thing, I moved to Brisbane with Henri and his son, and can honestly say I love him more each day. I had given up hope of meeting my true soul mate but eHarmony changed all that, and I am eternally grateful.”


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