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Maddi and Nick

Ipswich, Queensland

Maddi: “I joined eHarmony because I was a little lonely; I had separated from a long term partner six months before and relocating to a new town where I didn’t really know anyone. I am also studying full time in a 95% female profession and the opportunity to meet men never arose. In addition to that, having to decide when to broach the topic of my son makes dating difficult. At least having it right there on my profile meant I didn’t have to weed out anyone not prepared for the package deal! 

I chose eHarmony because it was very well advertised; they were having a free communication weekend (it was Valentine’s weekend if I recall), and I thought I’d give it a go. I soon realised that I couldn’t really connect without seeing photos. How people present themselves in this kind of forum says a lot about character, I think. So I subscribed. 

One lovely, lucky day, I had an eHarmony communication from a handsome bloke who was confident enough in himself to have as his profile picture a photo of himself and his gorgeous 6 year old son. We progressed through the stages of guided communication quickly and used eHarmony mail over a couple of weeks. We switched to personal email after that because the app couldn't keep up with our responses!

I really enjoyed talking to Nick and finding out lots of stuff about him; his home, his family, his personality and likes and dislikes. I was at Uni one day, having lunch with my school BFF, telling her about Nick, and I swear all I said was “Nick, 28, kiwi, industrial electrician” and she said “I know him!” Turns out she had dated his best friend for about 3 months (they met through eHarmony, too)! I didn't say anything to Nick about it because I wanted to see how quickly he and his friend made the connection. My friend and I study a pretty uncommon degree, so it was only one or two days later after the boys had gone to a car show that Nick emailed me after figuring out the connection.  

Our first date was in the centre of Brisbane. I was so nervous! I was running late (I am always running late) so I knew that he would arrive before me. I had gigantic butterflies in my tummy right up until I was exiting the station. Once I saw him I wasn't nervous any more for some reason. He looked just like his photo. We walked down to a very posh restaurant and had a fancy dinner.

Nick and I started talking at the train station and we just didn’t stop. After we’d finished eating we crossed over the bridge and wandered around South Bank. We had hot chocolate at the chocolate cafe. Then we wandered back to Central station, only to find that it was 11:30pm and there weren’t any more trains! After some deliberating, we taxied it back to my car and I drove him home! 

I knew straight away that I wanted to see him again. Fast forward to now and we’ve spent Christmas together as a family and are planning on a trip together to New Zealand this year. Now I can’t imagine planning a future that doesn’t have Nick in it. He’s a great person, funny, doesn't let me get away with much, and he’s fantastic with my son. My parents love him. They keep telling me not to mess it up. So I’m really happy that I took a chance on eHarmony in the first place, and that I persevered.”

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