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Alex and Mark

Cleveland, Queensland

Alex: “I was flicking through lots of profiles one night and Mark’s just stood out to me. His interests and values were so aligned with mine and we shared the same kind of sense of humour. I had a son from a previous relationship, and Mark was very accepting of it. I knew it was something special when I could just let loose and be myself around him. I never felt like I had to try to be something I wasn’t, and it made me feel good.

We talked for a few weeks online, and then met for a coffee at a local bar on Raby Bay Marina, Cleveland. We took it pretty slow at first as I was protective of my son and didn’t want him to meet just any random guy. It wasn’t long before I realised that Mark was a genuine person. I still remember my dad telling me to be careful that he doesn’t spike my drink! Mark and my dad are really good friends now.

Mark would come over and watch movies with me once my son was in bed, and he understood (and didn’t take offence) that he couldn’t stay the night as I wasn’t ready to introduce him to my son in the morning yet.

On our first holiday together on a cruise in the Pacific Ocean, Mark took me out to the very front of the ship where we were alone. He told me that he didn't want to be my boyfriend anymore. My heart dropped, and then he said he wanted to be my fiancé! We had only been together six months at that point, but we were both so sure and just knew it was meant to be. We had talked about getting married before but I certainly wasn't expecting it so soon. He had even already asked for my father’s permission.

We are having the wedding close to our home in Burbank, Queensland, at a beautiful place called Cherbon Waters. Mark is in charge of the honeymoon plans, because I am dominating the wedding plans! Mark thinks that the honeymoon will be in Hawaii. We might wait a few months after the wedding so we have time to restock the bank account!”

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