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Mark and Alyssa

Darra, Queensland

Mark: “In 2006, I started up a charity and threw all my efforts and energy into establishing and growing it. It was going so well and we were raising so much money for this charity, dear to my heart. However, after quite a while of being single and turning 50, I started thinking of me again and wanted another special lady in my life. I tried eHarmony in 2012 for three months and had no success, but really liked the way that it worked in finding suitable matches, so tried again in 2013. I guess I was waiting for Alyssa to join eHarmony, of which she did in 2013.

We emailed and we sent text messages quite often. The more we emailed, the more we realised we had so much in common. Our first date was at a health food café, as she is Gluten free and we are both triathletes and cyclists and love to eat healthy. That first date lasted four hours and conversation flowed as freely as if we had known each other for years. I knew she was the girl for me as when we got up to leave I put my hand out to shake her hand and she embraced me with a warm hug instead. I walked away with a huge smile on my face, as did Alyssa, as I found out later.

Before the date finished we both worked out that we loved the following things: triathlon, cycling, healthy food, travel, affection, family, movies, to name but a few things. As we shared the same interest in movies, I asked if I could I take her to see the latest Star Trek movie. She readily agreed. I spoiled her and took her to see it via Gold Class. We ate after and spent another wonderful five hours in each other’s company.

The relationship is constantly evolving and going from strength to strength. She is such a special lady and I am thankful every day that she is part of my life. 

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